In this episode of Ask Andy, where I’m trying to answer your reality TV related questions, we have two questions about Food Network contests:

  • staple of winter Holiday Baking Championship,
  • and summer travel The Great Food Truck Race.

My answers are below. If you have questions about the reality show, email me!

How do I apply for the Holiday Baking Championship?

Season 7 Holiday Baking Championship judge Nancy Fuller, host Jesse Palmer and judges Carla Hall and Duff Goldman
Season 7 Holiday Baking Championship judge Nancy Fuller, host Jesse Palmer and judges Carla Hall and Duff Goldman (Photo by Rob Price/Food Network)

Hey Andy. Do you have any idea who I can contact for casting for next seasons? [of Holiday Baking Championship]? — Liz

All four Baking Championship shows—Holiday Baking Championship, Halloween Baking Championship, Spring Baking Championshipas well as Children’s Baking Championship– produced Central discwhich owns two manufacturing companies.

They are casts for all four shows through the same app.

In addition to the usual application and video questions, he asks applicants for “three photos of your best baked creations.” Children who apply to Children’s backing championship need a parent or guardian to sign as well.

Currently, the filming dates for all four shows are ‘TBD 2022’ and the application is open.

However, the show is filmed months before it airs. Last year, both the Halloween and holiday versions were filmed in a summer resort.

If you’re curious about the process, the person who was hired to apply for the Halloween and holiday versions briefly describe your experience on reddit.

Good luck!

Why is the Great Food Truck Race no longer cross-country?

Tyler Florence competes in the Great Food Truck Race in Season 7 at Catalina View Gardens in Palos Verdes, California.
Great Food Truck Race host Tyler Florence during Season 7 at Catalina View Gardens in Palos Verdes, California (Photo by Food Network)

Hi Andy, longtime fan of the site and also a longtime reality TV junkie.

I watch the last season The Great Food Truck Race right now and I loved this show so much in previous seasons. But with each season, I’m more and more concerned that they no longer travel around the country. Now it’s basically the Great California Food Truck Race.

Do you have any idea why they don’t drive around America anymore? It used to be such a great part of the show where they were put in strange cities and really put them to the test. Thank you! — Rob

Great question, Rob. I watched The Great Food Truck Race in the early years and stay invested enough to look around from time to time for the answer to this season two mystery. But eventually I stopped watching, so I didn’t realize how much he had changed.

In the first six seasons, he definitely went all over the country. The first season began in Los Angeles and ended in New York, stopping in four cities along the way. The sixth season followed the entire route of Route 66 from start to finish, from Santa Monica to Chicago.

The Great Food Truck Racethe current season remains in Los Angeles – a completely different matter!

(For the record, season 15’s locations are mostly in the Los Angeles area – Laguna Beach, Venice, Long Beach, Redondo Beach – but it’s also going to Glamis Dunes and then San Diego for the finale. )

I asked Food Network about the changes, and a rep told me that “while previous seasons have been cross-country, the routes of the last few years have been more themed.”

The rep said “Producers are always looking for fun themes and locations” and noted that fans are still watching, “The June 5 premiere was the highest-rated premiere in over 2 years, so the show continues to be a hit!”

My first thought was that perhaps the shift from long trips to themed seasons could be due to the difficulty of filming during a pandemic, especially before vaccines were widely available.

But then I started to look back, and his routes have been steadily shrinking over the years.

The themes began with 2016’s 7th season, “Family Showdown”, which remained in California, though most of the subsequent themed seasons have crossed several states:

  • Battle of the South season 8 was filmed in Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia.
  • Season 9’s Wild West began and ended in Los Angeles, but took place in multiple locations in Arizona.
  • Season 10’s summer beach battle took place across South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.
  • The holiday hustle and bustle of Season 11 traveled across New England.

However, the final season before COVID, Season 12 of The Gold Coast had a fancy title but was mostly filmed in Los Angeles with the addition of San Diego and Las Vegas.

The first season filmed during the pandemic, season 13 of Alaska: Battle for the North stayed in, well, Alaska; Season 14’s stellar battle “Battle of the Bay” was set in San Francisco.

This brings us to The Great Food Truck Race The 15th season, which takes place in Los Angeles and is called “The Hottest Season”.

My educated guess is that, aside from the creative challenge of finding new takes on a 12-year-old series, it’s also cheaper to stay in the region than it is to move all production across the country or even across multiple states.

The production and editing may try to make up for this by relying on twists and drama, although that makes the show worse for me, as does the change in people who are not actually food truck operators competing. But I digress.

survivor They used to travel around the world twice a year, until, for budget reasons, they started filming seasons in a row in the same place. Then he permanently settled in Fiji.

Filming has now been reduced from 39 to 26 days due to COVID quarantine requirements.

Because CBS can get the same number of episodes for 13 days less production and is still popular, show top 10 there is no reason to return from this.

maybe The Great Food Truck Race someday I’ll be back on a cross-country trip, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see more seasons in LA ahead of me.

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