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Food and Beverage Magazine just published an article about our city with a rather provocative headline. Article “Is nightlife dead in Birmingham? Think again!” talked about the thriving nightlife of our city and even listed some places that you might want to visit if you are a tourist. Read on to find out more.

Starting the night on the town

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What’s in your cup? (Jacob Blankenship/Bham Now)

As Food and Beverage Magazine kindly pointed out, Magic City is known for its many James Beard Award-winning chefs and restaurants, as well as the occasional celebrity spotting. Television presenter Andrew Zimmerman and Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock received special mention.

Burnt honey cake Bottega
Chef Mark Christie and Chef Frank Stitt. (bham now)

Food and Beverage Magazine discussed how a night on the town can easily start at a Frank Stitt or Chris Hastings restaurant, and after enjoying a top-notch meal, you can really start your night by heading to one of the fabulous nightlife spots they have listed.

Cahaba Brewing is one of my favorite nightlife spots. (Beth Cunningham/Bam now)

Of course, this has never been my personal experience of visiting bars in Birmingham. I just aggressively eat a carb-focused lunch at home to save money, and then use what meager savings I have to go to the few breweries in town.

I usually see a celebrity the most when I think I see Alexander Shunnara walks around Avondale and it’s usually some other old white guy. But that’s just my experience as an intern in the city, and probably doesn’t fit everyone’s life.

Food and drink recommendations for nightclubs

Food and Beverage Magazine recommends three places you can go to enjoy Birmingham’s nightlife, and I admit they are all worthy places. Here’s who was mentioned.

1. Paper doll

Bar Paper Doll, Aperol Spritz
Bar Paper Doll, Aperol Spritz. (Jacob Blankenship/BhamNow)

Food and Beverage first mentioned Paper Doll as a place where people can visit and enjoy an extensive bar menu, charcuterie and incredibly comfortable chairs. On some nights they even have a magician doing elaborate tricks all over the bar.

  • Location: 2320 1st Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama 35203
  • Watch: 16:00-23:00 Tuesday-Thursday, 16:00-13:00 Friday-Saturday
  • Web site | Instagram

2. Drawing on the 3rd

plan Where to find incredible nightlife in Bham according to Food and Beverage Magazine
Drawing on the 3rd (drawing on the site of the 3rd)

Blueprint on 3rd is a casual upscale establishment with a fairly wide selection of drinks and desserts. Food and drinks are especially recommended to try Personally a victim Signature cocktail of Camarena Reposado tequila, lime, agave, orange-lemon bitters and orange flower water.

  • Location: 3000 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
  • Watch: 16:30-21:00 Monday to Thursday, 16:30-22:00 Friday and Saturday
  • Web site | facebook

3 Collins Bar

Collins Bar
Collins Bar (Jacob Blankenship/Bham Now)

Collins has been around for some time and is located fairly close to the Lyric Theater in the city centre. This is quite a fun place because instead of an actual drink menu, you just describe your mood and the bartender prepares an amazing cocktail for you. As Food and Beverage points out, Collins is often so busy on weekends that he can only stand up.

  • Location: 2125 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Watch: from 16:00 to 00:00 from Sunday to Thursday, from 16:00 to 2:00 on Friday and Saturday
  • Web site | Instagram | facebook

Further Reading

Food and drink may have missed a few places I personally enjoy spending my nightlife in Birmingham, but they managed to snag a couple of pretty solid ones. If you want a more extensive list, be sure to check out the list of 48 bars we compiled a few months ago.

Ultimately, we have a city with great food and drink, and it’s great that we’re getting so much attention from a nationally recognized publication like Food and Beverage Magazine, and with James Beard’s recent Automatic Seafood Award win, I think , it’s safe to say that we’re getting better every year.

Where do you like to spend your nightlife in Bham? Tag @BhamNow to let us know!

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