After months of lies, the media are preparing the public for Ukraine’s military collapse.

Diogenes, one of the celebrated philosophers of the ancient world, believed that lies were the currency of politics, and it was these lies that he sought to expose and humiliate. To prove his point, Diogenes sometimes carried a lit lantern through the streets of Athens in daylight. If asked why, Diogenes would answer that he was looking for an honest man.

Finding an honest person in Washington DC today is no less difficult. Diogenes will need a xenon searchlight in each hand.

Yet there are brief moments of clarity within the Washington establishment. After many months of lying to the American public about the origin and conduct of the war in Ukraine, media now is preparing the American, British and other Western publics for the military collapse of Ukraine. it’s long overdue.

The Western media did everything in their power to give the Ukrainian defense the emergence of much greater power what he really had. Attentive observers noted that the same video clips of Russian tanks under fire were shown repeatedly. Local counterattacks were reported to be operational maneuvers.

Russian mistakes were exaggerated completely disproportionate to their importance. Russia’s losses and the true extent of Ukraine’s own losses have been misrepresented, fabricated or simply ignored. But conditions on the battlefield have changed little over time. Once Ukrainian forces were immobilized in fixed defensive positions in urban areas and central Donbas, the Ukrainian position became hopeless. But this event was presented by the Russians as a failure to achieve “their goals”.

Ground combat forces immobilizing soldiers in prepared defensive structures will be detected, selected and destroyed from a distance. When permanent aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance assets, whether manned or unmanned, are coupled with precision-guided strike weapons or advanced artillery systems informed by accurate targeting data, “holding the ground” is fatal to any ground force. This is all the more true in Ukraine because it was clear from the outset that Moscow was focused on destroying Ukrainian forces rather than occupying cities or seizing Ukrainian territory west of the Dnieper.

The result was the gradual destruction of Ukrainian forces. Only an occasional infusion of US and allied weapons kept the battered Kievan legions on the battlefield; legions that are now dying in huge numbers thanks to Washington’s proxy war.

The war between Kyiv and Moscow is lost. Ukrainian forces are bleeding. Trained replacements do not exist in sufficient numbers to influence the course of the battle, and the situation grows more desperate by the hour. No amount of US or allied military assistance or assistance, other than direct military intervention by US and NATO ground forces, can change this harsh reality.

The problem today is without giving up territory and the population to Moscow in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow already controls. Future Kherson and Zaporozhye regions together with the Donbass is being resolved. Moscow is also likely to secure Kharkiv and Odessa, two historically Russian and Russian-speaking cities, and their surroundings. These operations will prolong the conflict into the summer. Now the problem is how to stop the fighting.

Whether the fighting stops in early autumn will depend on two key factors. The first concerns the leadership in Kyiv. Will the Zelensky government agree to Biden’s agenda for eternal conflict with Russia?

If the Biden administration gets its way, Kyiv will continue serve as a base for building up new forces ready to threaten Moscow. In practice, this means that Kyiv must commit national suicide by subjecting the central part of Ukraine west of the Dnieper to massive devastating strikes by Russian long-range missile forces.

Of course, these events are not inevitable. Berlin, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and, yes, even Warsaw, don’t blindly follow Washington is leading. Europeans, like most Americans, already looking into the abyss comprehensive economic downturn what Biden’s policies create at home. Unlike the Americans, who have to deal with the aftermath of Biden’s ill-conceived policies, European governments may abandon Biden’s eternal war plan for Ukraine.

The second factor has to do with Washington itself. pouring more than 60 billion dollars or just over $18 billion a month in direct or indirect transfers to the Ukrainian state that is now collapsing, the big question is what happens to the millions of Ukrainians in the rest of the country who didn’t flee? And where will the funds come from to restore the destroyed Ukrainian society in the context of the developing global economic catastrophe?

When Inflation Costs the Average American Family Extra Costs $460 per month buying the same goods and services this year as last year, it is entirely possible that Ukraine could quietly sink like the Titanic without causing much concern to the American electorate. Experienced politicians know that American attention to issues outside of America is so short that admission of defeat in Ukraine, probably will not have immediate consequences.

However, the consequences of repeated strategic failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are cumulative. In the 1980s Wanted by General Motors dictate what cars Americans would buy, but American consumers had other ideas. it why GM, which dominated the US market for 77 years, lost its first place to Toyota. Washington cannot dictate all outcomes, just as Washington cannot escape responsibility for its wasteful spending and the destruction of America’s prosperity.

In November, Americans will go to the polls. The election itself will do more than just test the integrity of the American electoral process. The election is also likely to ensure that Biden will be remembered for his intransigence; his refusal to change course, as Herbert Hoover in 1932. Democrats remember that their predecessors in the Democratic Party successfully opposed Hoover for more than half a century. Republicans may end up running against Joe Biden within the next 50 years.

Douglas McGregorColonel (retired) – Senior Fellow American conservativeformer adviser to the secretary of defense in the Trump administration, a distinguished combat veteran and author of five books.

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