Wondering what to see at home? We are the same, a lot of time! Luckily, Polygon recently posted a fantastic list recommendations. Below you will find something for every taste.

There are horror, comedies and thrillers to choose from. And you can watch them all from the comfort of your couch. Of course, not all of them are available on Netflix. But any film buff will probably still have access to them.

It really doesn’t matter what you like. We have selected a complete list for everyone. Of course, you can always read the original article for more suggestions.

Morbius is the perfect “what to see at home” on Amazon, Apple and Vudu.

What to watch at home: morbius

Who can forget Morbius? It doesn’t matter if it was good or not. The memes alone made it memorable. There are even possible continuation solely because of them.

you can have already watched on twitch. But, if you missed it, you’re still in luck. It is streamed on multiple platforms. including Apple, which It ranked first.

The latest Marvel movie is a story about antiheroes. It stars Jared Leto as a doctor-turned-vampire, Michael Morbius. It follows his story after testing a cure for a rare blood disorder. Plus, it turns him into the creature we all know and love.

The Worst Man in the World on Hulu

“The Worst Man in the World” is a great answer to the question of what to watch at home. This is the third film in Joachim Trier’s Oslo trilogy. And it’s filled with everything you need to enjoy your day on the couch.

This is a romantic black comedy. Maybe these are the two rarest types of comedy that can be combined. But hey, it seems to work great!

Julie, played by Renate Reinswe, is at the center of the story. She is a medical student who oscillates between love experiences and her career. We will follow her through four years of her life.

The film is a character exploration of Julie’s delayed maturation. It also focuses on her emotional hang-ups due to love and life in general. It’s the perfect movie to get identified with a laugh or two.

Mad God is perfect for watching the ghost houses on Wince

Mad God took 30 years to create. And the results speak for themselves. It’s a nightmarish odyssey in a dystopian world. It is filled with Boschian grotesques and ghostly landscapes.

It was created by visual effects artist and director Phil Tippett. So of course it has visuals to keep the hype going. In fact, many agree that the story is only secondary. The visuals are the real reason to watch it.

However, there is definitely a story. He follows a shadowy figure known as the Assassin. He descends into the strange world of titans and monsters. What is his quest? We do not know. But boy, the visuals keep you glued to the screen.

Lunana: Yak in the Classroom on Netflix

Lunana: A Yak In The Classroom is a great answer to the question of what to see at home. This is a drama about a teacher from Bhutan who dreams of becoming a singer. However, he is assigned a class in a tiny mountain village.

Despite the aforementioned Yak, the film is quite touching. This is a great story about how to deal with your dreams and reality.

Clash on Netflix

Finally, we have Collision. South African crime thriller from Fabien Martorell. He has previously worked on documentaries and short films. So, this is his first feature film debut.

The film is set in Johannesburg and tells about the kidnapping of a young woman. This is due to the efforts of her parents to save her.

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