Hill Air Force Base, Utah — This weekend, the Warriors Over The Wasatch aerospace show will host hundreds of thousands of guests in Davis County. The number of guests at the active military air base is expected to reach 600,000, who will help ensure the safety of everyone.

Event organizers are asking attendees to avoid traffic delays by using public transport and to cooperate by leaving potentially hazardous items outside the facility. All bags will be checked and all persons will be searched before they are allowed to pass through the gates of the base.


The base has released a list of allowed items such as sealed reusable water bottles, prepackaged, sealed food, folding folding chairs, strollers (but not vans) and hand held umbrellas. These items are designed to help people feel comfortable and safe on the ground while the show unfolds in the air above. Sealed ice packs are allowed, but no loose ice.

Sunscreen is recommended to protect visitors’ skin, as well as hearing protection such as earmuffs and ear plugs.

Cameras are allowed, but camera bags or other small bags such as diaper bags will be subject to screening.

Medications are allowed, but recreational and illegal drugs are not.


Weapons will not be allowed on the military base, regardless of weapons or other permits. This includes off-duty law enforcement agents, regardless of authorization.

Prohibited items include firearm pocket knives, maces and stun guns or other stun guns, ammunition and explosives, including fireworks. Lighters are not allowed, including spark-producing devices such as matches.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping products are prohibited, as are laser pointers, drones, or any other small unmanned aerial vehicles.

Individual water bottles are allowed, but water crates are not allowed, coolers and glass containers are also not allowed. No foreign alcohol is allowed. While individual chairs are allowed, tents and portable or temporary shelters are not allowed, as are large garden chairs.

Personal vehicles are also prohibited, including bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, hoverboards and other similar items.

Too many storage bags such as duffel bags and backpacks are not allowed, but diaper bags, small wallets, camera cases and fanny packs are allowed. Pets are not allowed, but animals helping the disabled are not allowed.


FrontRunner trains will run from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, and all-day tickets for one person cost $5, or $15 for a group ride of up to four people. Trains will run every 30 minutes during peak hours and every hour during the day. Click here to view the timetable.

Free shuttle buses will run from Clearfield Station to Hill Air Force Base. Visitors can take a bus or train to the station or use the 890 available parking spaces. UTA has more information available right here.

Per more information from Hill Air Force Base at

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