While many homeowners become true to their designer’s creative vision, Brandon Creed is a special case. It’s because Full stop control The co-founder, who manages a sizable roster of music stars including Troy Sivan, Mark Ronson and Lizzo, can rely on the aesthetic mind-melting he enjoys with his mother, Studio Creed’s decorator Shari Creed.

“He’s the best customer,” Shari says. “We have similar tastes, we can finish each other’s sentences, and he is open-minded and responsive,” she adds.

Brandon has a long history of getting his parents involved in his design decisions, going back to filming a college apartment. What’s more, he often turns to his father, Tommy Creed, for advice during inspections and renovations, making many of his past homes completely family-run.

In 2018, Brandon started the chain of events again by calling his parents to view a mid-century home for sale in Los Angeles’ pastoral Laurel Canyon. “I love finding real estate and putting a little love into it,” says Brandon, whose original idea with a simple Buff and Hensman post-and-beam home had to flip it. Although Shari describes the house as “an absolute dump,” she says she “can see beyond that.” Brandon got his parents’ approval, hired Universal Design Architectsand began to restore the monastery. “Then, at the very beginning of the restoration process, it became clear that this would be my house,” Brandon reflects.

On this superpersonal project, mother and son worked together, “but with a lot of trust and faith,” says Brandon. He travels frequently for work and sends Shari pictures of the design, which resonates, which she transcribes and translates. “Philosophically, I think a home should tell a story about the people who live in it,” says Shari, who, having designed several homes for Brandon, is well versed in her comfort zones and priorities. This includes creating a residence that reflects his sense of home as well as his love of entertaining friends.

However, this is a process that requires great care, as Brandon believes that many newly renovated homes are “soulless and look the same.” A complete opposite of where he now lives with his partner Thomas and two-year-old son Luca, thanks to thoughtful and creative planning on Shari’s part.

For example, an unfinished guest house from the 90s, which they dubbed “the chalet”, became for Brandon a serene Venetian-stucco master bedroom and terrace. Elsewhere, the pool area has received significant upgrades, such as the addition of a bright outdoor bar and pizza oven. An elegant kitchen worthy of an avid cook, fire pits and a vegetable garden all add to the special appeal of this home.

Team Creed also built an aerial steel and stucco gallery from scratch on an empty piece of land between the original house and Brandon’s bedroom. His astounding art collection, which took over a decade to complete, speaks volumes about Brandon’s aesthetic tastes. He credits his brother, an art advisor, with introducing him to the work of developing artistic talents, whose works make up the majority of his current holdings. Works throughout the house and its surroundings Bernard Piffaretti, Clara Liden, Mark Hagenas well as Zach Bruder can be seen, as well as sculptures, which are of even greater visual interest. In particular, Louis Barraganthe inspired totem located by the carp pond is one of Shari’s favorite pieces. She commissioned Lucas Geronimas, who had created several shou sugi ban interior doors, to make a water feature that would compensate for the house’s hard surfaces.

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