LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) — A Las Vegas family is desperate to get their beloved dog home. They left him with a dog breeder they found through a popular pet sitting platform before leaving town, and now they have no idea where he is.

You can see flyers near Volunteer Boulevard and South Las Vegas. This is the area south of Resort M where the dog went missing.

“We love Frankie and want him back,” owner Ray Brown said.

Frankie, a 65kg Goldendoodle, is more than just a dog to his owners.

“He’s soft, fluffy, friendly, loves to cuddle… He’s the perfect family member,” Brown added.

Ray and Sharon Brown are out of town for a wedding and find a babysitter via the Rover pet seating platform. The nanny reported that Frankie ran away on Saturday, but the family was not notified until Sunday.

“At this very time, we were notified, we boarded the flight. We post on social media. We had friends, family, strangers who were looking for him even before we got here, ”explained Sharon Brown.

Three days later, the family and volunteers continue their search in the desert near where the dog was reported missing. They are now offering a $2,000 reward to anyone who can find or find one. It is chipped with updated information.

Danielle Andrade spoke to sister station FOX5 in Atlanta a year ago after her dog Lucky ran away while being watched by a nanny she found via Rover. Andrade found her dog dead, hit in the street. Andrade created it online petition now with over 15,000 signatures demanding that petting services do more than just criminal background checks, including a virtual home check and mandatory training on what to do if a dog gets away.

“We went ahead and did a due diligence, looked at all the reviews, looked around the area, everything looked great. It had 5-star reviews,” shared Ray Brown. The Browns also say that more needs to be done to protect the pets, but for now their main focus is to find Frankie.

Rover sent FOX5 the following statement:

As home parents, we sympathize with Frank’s family with all our hearts and join them in the hope that he will return home soon. Our 24/7 trust and security team immediately began supporting the search as soon as we learned he was missing. Rover paid for the flyers, is sponsoring a $500 bounty, and our team has been posting on online pet forums that send alerts to local shelters and veterinarians. We continue to be in regular contact with his family and have fully refunded their money.

We remain determined to help Frank reunite with his family safely. Our team is conducting a thorough investigation and the nanny involved has been suspended while the search continues.

We require every sitter on our platform to pass a criminal background check. background check provided by an industry-leading third party. In addition, they must pass a security test and their profile is manually verified by our team before they can list their services.

Safety is at the core of what we do and experiences like this are very rare on the Rover platform. Over 136,000 properties were booked in the Las Vegas area, with 97% of properties reviewed rated 5 stars.

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