There are so many delicious savory foods in Walt Disney World. From grilled corn at Animal Kingdom to fresh grilled vegetables at Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT and classics like Casey’s Corner hot dog at Magic Kingdom, there are so many great options.

Seasonal deals are also a highlight of the menu at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort. Some of our favorites are on this list, and some are new for summer 2022. Be sure to check out this list of savory snacks before your next Disneyland vacation. From street food and homemade food to seasonal flavors, fresh vegetables and summer recipes, Walt Disney World has plenty of delicious summer food to try.

These gastronomic trends are new for summer 2022: here are the favorite savory foods

meat steak

Guests tend to have mixed feelings about Tony’s Town Square on Main Street, USA, in the Magic Kingdom. For some guests, a visit to this restaurant is a staple of their Disneyland vacation. For others, the food seems lackluster for the price. We have good news about the changes coming to Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Summer 2022. New appetizers will be added to the menu, such as Toy Box Tomato Salad and Tony’s Garlic Bread.

Tonys New Snacks

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Among the new dishes you can try juicy and fragrant meat steak, al forno chicken penne, oven-baked shrimp with garlic sauce and even orecchiette with spicy Italian sausage. I would definitely schedule another dinner at Tony’s Town Square restaurant during my summer visit to try some of these new main courses.

As for dessert, guests can try new delicacies such as Tony’s Spumoni Tart., Custard with mandarincello, Italian shortbread with strawberries or even cannoli with tiramisu. Italian strawberry shortbread is sure to be a hit this summer, because summer is strawberry season! However, tiramisu cannoli sounds incredible, which is why these desserts are on my list of must-sees. I just have to try them both!

Cheese pizza rolls

new savory food

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You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy the next novelty. If you’re looking for a delicious and easy new snack at EPCOT, check out Sunshine Seasons at The Land Pavilion. Located in Future World, The Land is one of my favorite places in EPCOT and home to amazing rides like Sorin’ Around the World and Living with the Land. Our Summer 2022 trip to The Land Pavilion will focus on the Sunny Seasons, where we’re trying out a new addition to the menu!

I am very excited to try the new cheese pizza buns at Sunshine Season this summer. This warm and flaky crust is folded around melted cheese and looks completely irresistible. Pizza rolls are a classic light meal perfect for summer. If you’re more of a pepperoni lover, don’t worry, equally delicious pepperoni buns are also available at this fast food restaurant. Pizza rolls are the perfect quick and tasty snack between rides at EPCOT. We can’t wait to try this new snack.

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Frittata in the shape of Mickey

Additions to the plant-based menu

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Plant-based eating at Walt Disney World doesn’t have to be a burden. There’s always delicious food at the fast food restaurants and table service around the Walt Disney World Hotel for guests looking for plant-based or vegan options. This summer, several Walt Disney World Resorts are expanding their plant-based game with updated menus. The Impossible Burger is a new take on the burger with Caroline-style grilled jackfruit and pickled cabbage. The burger is topped with vegan “cheddar cheese” and served with french fries.

It is available at World Premiere Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Movie Resort, Everything Pop Shopping and Dining at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Landscape of Flavors at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Center Town Market at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and select other places. fast food restaurants at Walt Disney World Resorts.

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We all know that food tastes better when it’s in Mickey’s shape! Luckily for us, the new Mickey-shaped frittata will arrive just in time for the summer. Another Mickey-shaped breakfast dish, this plant-based dish is sure to be a hit! This frittata includes spinach, onions, vegan “mozzarella” cheese and tomatoes, served with fried potatoes and fruit mix. Speaking of starting the day right, this breakfast makes for a delicious meal.

Shrimps and cereals

The luxury resort that is near and dear to our hearts will also receive an updated menu this summer. That’s right, we’re talking about the Grand Floridian Café located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Last week we talked about the incredible sweets that grace the menu at Gasparilla Island Grill. This week we are discussing savory dishes not to be missed at the Grand Floridian Café.


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Reuben’s favorite sandwich with crispy coleslaw and savory fries is back on the menu. If you’re visiting, try the chicken and waffles or meatloaf at the Grand Floridian Café. If none of these options sound right to you, try Shrimp and Grits, which features giant prawns, chorizo ​​and fennel served with creamy and rich mascarpone cheese grits.

Fans of cheesy and aromatic French onion soup will be happy to know that there is a new place where they can taste this delicious dish. Grand Floridian Café now features a caramelized onion gratin soup that returns for dinner and a unique lunchtime each day, which this fun-loving eatery considers “Blunch”.


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Citrus salad with grilled chicken

I am delighted with the additions to the menu of my favorite Hollywood Studios restaurant. That’s right guys, I’m talking about expanding the menu at the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre. Dine in this fun place is a must for vintage lovers, those who love Old Hollywood, and guests who love exciting Disney cuisine. This restaurant serves guests in a classic retro car in a drive-in theater that shows clips from films from yesteryears. The experience alone is worth a visit to this restaurant, but with new menu items that premiered on June 2, 2022, it will be even harder for you to pass up lunch or dinner at the theater restaurant.

Delicious new starters like sci-fi smoked wings and spinach and artichoke dip are perfect to kick off your meal. Start this delicious dish with melt-in-your-mouth chicken wings drizzled with stout BBQ sauce, homemade pineapple and coleslaw with poppy seeds to garnish. Tell us about the yum factor! Spinach Artichoke Sauce is marked by two boxes: it’s a delicious appetizer and a plant-based option made with a blend of spinach, artichoke, red pepper, cashew cheese, cauliflower, and oat milk. This smoky sauce is served with fresh homemade chips.

Spinach and artichoke sauce

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I am most excited about adding salad to this menu. Caesar salad with black garlic and citrus salad with grilled chicken are sure to be a big hit with guests. The Black Garlic Caesar Salad is full of flavor, made with miniature romaine, grilled artichoke hearts, grated parmesan cheese, crispy sliced ​​apple smoked bacon, all topped with homemade black garlic caesar sauce. The salad is served with crispy toasted crostini.

Fried Chicken Citrus Salad is made with lettuce, spinach and arugula and garnished with rainbow tomatoes, sweet candied pecans, fragrant cranberries and feta cheese, then drizzled with homemade citrus dressing and served with grilled marinated chicken. Nothing beats summer salad and savory salads with delicious meats, fresh local ingredients and seasonal flavors.

Pork on a pork burger

Pork on pork burger

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If you’re craving burgers, the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater has great options. The feature film burger is comfort food with a summery touch of surf and turf. The patty consists of a mixture of beef and fresh seasonings, served on a fluffy brioche bun and topped with shrimp and crab cake. The burger meat is also topped with jack pepper cheese, chipotle hollandaise sauce, heirloom tomatoes, arugula and homemade vinaigrette. This is one of the interesting burger options but I can’t wait to try it on my next vacation.

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Good news for those who have tried it and loved the previously featured dish on this Hollywood Studios menu: the Pork on Pork burger has made a permanent place on this restaurant’s updated menu. A meat lover’s dream, the Pork on Pork Burger is (as you can imagine) a meaty and tasty dish that includes a grilled pork patty with grilled pork belly, white spicy cheddar cheese topped with caramelized onions, and kale. The sandwich is topped with a spicy Carolina mustard sauce.

If you’re looking for sweet treats from ice cream and cake pops to berry mousse, check out our summer 2022 desserts article to plan your summer 2022 sweet treats. Are you mentally planning your meals for your next Disneyland vacation? Yep, me too!

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