MADRAS, Oregon (KTVZ) – Mosaic Medical and the Jefferson County Department of Health are inviting the public to join them for a ribbon-cutting event on Friday, June 24 at 2:30 pm. The event will celebrate the opening of the Jefferson County Health and Wellness Center. Center, a partnership between Mosaic and JCPH.

Guests can take a tour of the facility, meet staff and enjoy refreshing drinks.

The new building is located next to St. Charles Madras at 500 NE A St. on land donated by the hospital system. The center is home to Mosaic Madras Medical Center, Mosaic Pharmacy (open to the public), and Jefferson County Public Health.

“Our new location offers our customers easy access to the value added services offered by both Mosaic and St. Charles,” said Dr. Michael Baker, director of JCPH. “Now we are just a few steps away from specialized medical services, which may be difficult for some people to get to.”

“We are very excited to celebrate the opening of this facility with all the people of Madras,” said Megan Haas, FNP, CEO of Mosaic. “We hope that community members will feel like they have a home of health here. Greetings to all”.

Mosaic has been serving the people of Madras since 2006 and over the years the need for services has grown along with the population. The new facility will double the number of Mosaic examination rooms, provide much-needed space for dental and mental health services, include car care services and a low-cost pharmacy accessible to all.

For JCPH, the move to the new building will expand direct clinical services as well as community-based services. JCPH staff participated in the overall design and layout of the new building so that programs and staff can effectively coordinate services and offer comprehensive care to Jefferson County residents.

The building area is 19,486 square feet. The Mosaic Madras Health Center is 9,050 square feet and the JCPH is 7,856 square feet. Mosaic and JCPH share 2,580 square feet, including a common room with a training kitchen that anchors the facility. The space will be used for classes and available for community use.

The total cost of the project was $11 million. Mosaic raised nearly $5.3 million for the facility through community donations, as well as private, state, and federal grants. Jefferson County will receive $2.7 million from the State of Oregon for this project. The remainder of Jefferson County’s share will come from the county’s existing sources of revenue.

The building was designed by BBT Architects, Inc and the contractor for the project was Skanska Construction.

As this building is a medical facility, please be prepared to wear a mask while visiting inside during the event. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.

About Mosaic Medical:

Mosaic Medical is a nonprofit community health center that serves Central Oregonians from all walks of life. Through a network of more than a dozen clinics, we offer comprehensive healthcare services that meet the medical, dental, mental health, nutrition and medication needs of every patient. Our care is never dependent on how much money our patients make, what language they speak, or the status of their insurance coverage. Mosaic Medical provides quality service for everyone. For more information please visit

About Jefferson County Public Health:

Jefferson County’s public health mission is to improve the health and well-being of all Jefferson County residents through policies, partnerships, and services. These programs and services include family support services and home visits, the WIC Complementary Nutrition Program, environmental health, tobacco prevention, emergency preparedness, public health programs such as the Movin’ Mountains and the Cardio Challenge, and outbreak and disease investigations. , data research and policy development, immunization. and reproductive health. Visit Health For more information.

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