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Personalized testing improves the mental and physical health of clients.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire- The Good Clinic™ announced the expansion of its service offerings with two new targeted diagnostic testing and treatment services for its clients suffering from mental health problems or chronic illnesses. All six clinics in the Twin Cities metropolitan areas will offer GeneSight psychotropic pharmacogenomic testing for individualized treatment of mental illness, as well as Genova Diagnostics assessments for the prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of certain complex chronic conditions.

As part of The Good Clinic’s commitment to human health, these tests will allow clients to experience a more personalized approach to managing their health and well-being. With the unique insights generated from these testing opportunities, The Good Clinic providers are now able to offer more customized medications and treatment options to successfully treat each client’s illness.

The GeneSight psychotropic test uses a combination of a pap smear and a genetic test to determine how patients will respond to medications that treat common behavioral health disorders, including ADHD, anxiety and depression. scientifically based This approach will allow The Good Clinic’s nurse practitioners to make more accurate recommendations to clients about which mental health medications will best meet each client’s needs while minimizing negative side effects. The test is recommended for clients who are looking for a targeted approach to treating depression or anxiety, especially after they have tried and failed several other medications.

Diagnostics of Genoa provides a better picture of a person’s health and helps health care providers diagnose, treat, and possibly prevent chronic disease or improve overall well-being. Comprehensive testing can provide information that can help diagnose an underlying health problem, address additional health problems, and determine treatment. The test includes a consultation with The Good Clinic Nurse Practitioner, who interprets the results and develops a care plan with the client. The test is recommended for clients who experience symptoms not explained by general laboratory tests, are concerned about exposure to toxins, or wish to improve their overall well-being.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this level of personalized testing to our clients,” said Kevin Lee Smith, Chief Nurse Practitioner at The Good Clinic. “These tests will allow us to better identify and recommend what each client needs to achieve their desired health outcomes and lead a fuller, healthier life.”

The Good Clinic is a leading operator of primary care clinics that combine technology with relationship-focused, personalized healthcare services to provide clients with access to improved health and wellness. Founded in Minnesota in 2020, The Good Clinic intends to launch a network of high-tech clinics in easy-to-reach locations where nurse practitioners will act as the primary providers of on-site health care. To make an appointment, visit

About Good Clinic™

The Good Clinic, LLC is a high-tech primary care clinic that works with clients aged 12 and over. The Good Clinic™, staffed by experienced preventive care nurse practitioners, offers clients routine care, chronic care, emergency care and wellness planning services both in person and online. Founded in 2020 and operating six Minnesota clinics with expansion plans across the country, the executive team includes the key clinical and operations professionals who have brought MinuteClinic to scale. Good Clinic, LLC is a subsidiary of Mitesco, Inc.

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