The Dodgers hitters found their way to Great American Ball Park, sweeping the Reds both in the series and the season with a 10-5 win on Thursday’s rest day in Cincinnati.

Five home runs, a new-season record, came on offense: one from a red-hot star heading into his publicized weekend and two from a pair of falling hitters. The scoring surge, plating in eight innings in a row, as well as breaking strikeouts on bases and some shaky bullpen work from the Dodgers.

Freddie Freeman red carpet and World Series The ring waiting for him in Atlanta this weekend is sure to be filled with ovations, hugs and tears. He heads for the weekend in a heat wave, including a two-run home run in the third inning on Thursday.

It was the second straight home run game for Freeman, who hit base in 12 straight games. He had 10 runs in the Reds’ three-game draw, thanks to seven hits in 12 at-bats, including four extra base hits during the streak.

Cody Bellinger came in without hitting his last 15 at-bats and .543 OPS in June. On Thursday, he dropped to eighth in the rankings, which sounds extreme considering that 70 percent of his starts this season have come in seventh. Bellinger started the Dodgers’ odometer with a sacrificial fly in the second inning.

The Dodgers had two sacrificial flies in each of the first two games of the series, the ninth time in franchise history that they had multiple flies in consecutive games. Five sacrificial flies in the series may not sound like much, but it’s in line with the club’s total in the previous 42 games, a period in which the team recorded four of the team’s five losses this season.

Whatever the case, through Thursday, the Dodgers had a third-place runner with less than two strikeouts 153 times this season and homecoming 78 times (by any means) for a 51 percent success rate. slightly below the major league average of 52.2 percent..

To get home by any means, sometimes you have to make strange decisions, like in the second inning when, with the bases loaded and one of them, Justin Turner tried to advance to third base on Bellinger’s sacrificial fly. It looked like Turner gave up to force the Reds to cut off the shot home to guarantee a run. it exactly what happenedand Turner was easily kicked out.

Three Dodgers were thrown to base in the first three innings. Trea Turner attempted to steal the ball in the first inning and did not get out to left field in time to return to first base. In the third, Austin Barnes was wiped out trying to advance from first to third on a solo left. This season, the Dodgers have been thrown 11 times from third base. three more than any other team in the majors.

All of those outs on bases were neatly swept under the mat with an offense that totaled 26 runs and 42 hits in the three-game series. This is their most runs scored and most hits in any of their three games in 2022.

Bellinger ended his unbeaten streak in the fourth inning by hitting his own two-run home run. He got the green light against Hunter Green, hitting the Dodgers’ first 3-0 home run of the season. Bellinger also scored twice in singles and hit 13-of-29 (.448) with six home runs and four doubles in Clayton Kershaw’s starter this season.

Since his triumphant return from the injured list with five RBIs on June 9 in Chicago, Max Munsey hasn’t had a hit off base. But in the Dodgers’ first game on the Thursday since that game two weeks ago, Munsey excelled in his first two bats before breaking the ball 434 feet in the fifth inning, his first three-batting game of the season.

Munsey’s home run pulled away from Hunter Green, the Reds’ flamboyant rookie. On Thursday, he hit three home runs, all of which hit a fastball. Green, former Notre Dame The high school star from Sherman Oaks made his second major league start close to home at Dodger Stadium on April 16. He blinded and kept the Dodgers scoreless for five innings before they finally beat him three runs in the sixth.

On Thursday, Green allowed six runs in his five innings. Since those five scoreless frames in April, the Dodgers have scored in five of their last six innings against Green.

Munsey and Bellinger were not alone in this club. Both Turners joined him. Justin doubled twice to give him 20 points for the season and had some great defensive plays at third base. Three singled twice and doubled, a day after his 13-game hitting streak snapped.

Will Smith, named hitter after catching two games, added a solo throw by reliever Jeff Hoffman in the seventh, his second home run and sixth hit of the series.

Clayton Kershaw struck out seven in six innings, allowing only a run, which reduced his season ERA to 2.00. He was pulled out with just 80 passes after a long conversation with manager Dave Roberts in the dugout. Given the Dodgers’ 8-1 lead at the time, this was not surprising.

However, squirming quickly followed after Phil Bickford allowed four of the six hitters he faced in the seventh inning. All four hit, thanks in large part to Tommy Pham smashing a three-run home run, turning the breakout into a potential rescue situation.

Insurance runs were added in the eighth and ninth, including Trace Thompson’s first home run of the season.

Thursday Details

home runsPeople: Freddie Freeman (8), Cody Bellinger (9), Max Munsey (5), Will Smith (10), Trace Thompson (1); Tommy Fam (10)

WP – Clayton Kershaw (5-1): 6 PI, 7 hits, 1 run, 1 walk, 7 outs

LP – Hunter Green (3-8): 5 IP, 9 hits, 6 runs, 2 walks, 3 outs


The Dodgers will then play the Braves in what has long been anticipated as a battle of the last two World Series winners, as well as two teams that have met in the last two National League championship series and have fought in the playoffs three times in the previous four years. But another layer is added this weekend as Freddie Freeman returns to Atlanta for the first time since leaving.

On the mound in the first series on Friday (4:20 pm PT, SportsNet LA) Julio Urias and Ian Anderson start in Atlanta.

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