The Central Illinois Neuro Health Sciences team feels at home in the Carle system

How quickly time flies. It has been a year since efforts were made to bring together the expertise of a talented group of neurosurgeons from the Central Illinois Neuro Health Sciences (CINHS) with the extensive team of board-certified neurologists, neuropsychologists, nurse practitioners and neuroscience clinicians at the Carle Neuroscience Institute. By all accounts, the union is strong and offers rewards and exciting opportunities for the newly merged team and patients in central Illinois.

To understand why the move was made to join Carl, former neurosurgeons associated with CINHS, doctors. Ann Stroink, Emilio Nardone and Jason Sable share their motivations. While each is unique, it was all about the relationships that were built between physicians and the leaders of the Carl Bromenn Medical Center, and more recently with the leaders of Carle Health, and it was all about trust and a shared vision of the future. .

Stroink-Ann-(1).jpg Dr. Stroink has the longest association with Carl BroMann, dating back to the days when the hospital was known as Brokaw Hospital. Dr. Stroink helped her father, Dr. Hans Stroink, in the pathology lab from the time she was in the seventh grade until she left for college. “I had so many opportunities that young people don’t have today,” says Dr. Stroink. “It was an exciting time.” Since then, she has had a soft spot for the hospital and maintained a strong bond throughout her career.

nardone-emilio.jpg Dr. Nardone’s interest in medicine, and especially in the workings of the brain, also appeared early. He dreamed of becoming a neurosurgeon from a very early age, helping out in his family’s bakery in southern Italy before coming to the United States for his residency at the University of Texas. After an oncology fellowship at MD Anderson and a two-year stint in Saudi Arabia as a neurosurgeon for the royal family, he eventually settled in Bloomington Normal, joining CINHS.

After 22 years in the community, he is still proud to work with the Carl Bromenn Medical Center’s operating room neurosurgical team and considers this team an exceptional privilege. When discussions about integration began at the Carl Neuroscience Institute (CNI), he ultimately saw it as “an opportunity for additional support, growth, and stability to develop more subspecialties,” says Dr. Nardone.

Jason.jpg Dr. Sabley completed the Neurosurgical Residency Program at BroMann Medical Center in 2008 and decided to stay in the area when he was offered a job at CINHS. Extremely familiar with the hospital, he saw many benefits in being part of the CNI. “By this point, we all had a very good relationship with the BroMenn administrators, so we knew what we were getting ourselves into and we trusted this institution,” says Dr. Sabley.

Since opening their office on the Carle BroMenn campus, surgeons have been pleased with their experience with the Carle system and see that patients continue to receive excellent results. “I have access to images and medical records that I never had before,” says Dr. Stroink. “What you lose in independence, you gain in support,” explains Dr. Nardone.

In recent years, a number of factors have contributed to increasing the choice of physicians in private practice to be employed. Everything from the challenges of transitioning to electronic health records to the seemingly ever-changing demands of insurance companies and rising costs of doing business. The doctors admit that it is difficult for them to remain independent, but they do not consider these problems the reason for their final decision to join Carl.

“Karl did a great job,” says Dr. Stroink. “It’s nice to be part of a healthcare system that is rich in resources and has a medical school nearby.”

“We love our field. I enjoy interacting with our patients,” says Dr. Nardone. “We want to serve patients in the best possible way.”

“We have common interests,” explains Dr. Sabley. “We knew what we were getting into and we liked what we saw.”

Ultimately, the move to Carle provided physicians with the opportunity to do more of what they came to neurosurgery to do – create a regional destination for the best in neurosurgery, help deliver cutting-edge services to patients in Carle and across the region. and work closely with some of the best and brightest neurosurgeons. The future for neurological services at Carle is even brighter, thanks in part to the addition of a team from CINHS.


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