June 17, 2022 — In this week’s industry news, Tetra Pak revealed its plans to partner with Mycorena to build a new mushroom fermentation manufacturing facility. Meanwhile, Barry Callebaut has expanded its presence in Latin America and the Veganz Group has opened a new production site in Germany. Forafric Global and Alapala Foreign Trade have reached a deal that will see the construction of new plants to increase wheat and durum processing capacity, while the innovation fund Kirin Health has invested in YuaBread.

Briefly: business is moving
Tetra Pak as well as MikorenaThe company’s collaboration aims to explore the potential of fermented food ingredients to create a more sustainable and sustainable global food system. This is part of Tetra Pak’s long-term strategy to address food safety and security issues by exploring and promoting innovative food sources. The new plant, located in Falkenberg, Sweden, will produce a mushroom meat substitute product. At the first stage of the factory, minced meat products will be produced, which will be used as ingredients for the production of alternative meat products. Mycorena also plans to expand its production capacity and expand its geographic footprint by opening factories in Europe and Asia.

Firmenich became the second company in the world and the first in its industry to reach the living wage milestone, providing a decent standard of living for employees around the world. After a thorough external evaluation by the well-known international non-governmental organization Fair Wage Network, the group received this certification three years before the scheduled completion date.

Barry Callebaut expanded into Latin America through a new long-term agreement with Colombian food ingredient supplier Levapan, which has a wide distribution network in Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The agreement allows both companies to drive regional strategic long-term growth.

Firmenich became the second company in the world and the first in its industry to receive a living wage certification.North African Agribusiness Company Forafriq Global has entered into an agreement between its subsidiary Forafric Maroc and Alapala Foreign Trade to expand existing plants and build new plants to significantly increase its wheat and durum wheat processing capacity in the region.

Kirin Health Innovation Fund invested in YuaBread, a company that develops platforms that connect bakeries in various regions of Japan with consumers through the use of refrigeration, IT and sales channel support. YuaBread entered the health food market by developing bread with less than 15 grams of sugar. Kirin Holdings will explore future collaborations to create healthy foods with easily accessible baked goods through this investment.

BioConsortium and Mosaic Company signed an agreement to distribute microbial biostimulants in Asia. Biostimulant BEC69, marketed in the US under the brand name Zaffre, optimizes root health by helping plants utilize soil nutrients. It is based on naturally occurring bacteria that colonize plant roots, stimulate growth and increase yields.

Briefly: special products
Distributor of special food ingredients and flavors, IMKD, launched a meat, fish and plant pilot plant in Belgium to expand its center of excellence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The new plant will accelerate the development of plant-based meat, fish (including seafood) and savory alternatives.

Mondelez International reports supply chain disruptions to its ice cream cereal line due to increased demand in the UK and Ireland, “above levels [Mondelez] expected at the beginning of the year. The supply problems became known shortly before the heat wave in the UK.

California Prune Councilthe executive committee estimated the prune crop at 75,000 short tons (68,000 tons). The score tracks the average high quality yield in a region. Premium California prunes and a range of optimal sizes will be in significant demand as global supplies remain tight, adding pressure on fruit prices.

Vegan Supplier Vegans Group opened its second production site in Neubrandenburg, Germany to produce vegan-style slices of salmon, an alternative fish made with seaweed smoked over beech wood to give it flavor.BioConsortia and Mosaic have entered into an agreement to distribute microbial biostimulants in Asia.

Working with Central cuisine of the world (VKK), Nestle will help feed the hungry in communities affected by extreme weather events linked to the climate crisis. Nestlé will support the WCK as part of an initial one-year agreement by donating one million Swiss francs (US$1.018 million) to its Climate Disaster Fund.

Briefly: Acquisitions
Cleveland Kitchen closed a $19 million Series A funding round led by Amberstone with participation from existing investor Clover Vitality. The funds will accelerate the company’s growth in the freshly fermented product category and complete the acquisition of premium pickle maker Sonoma Brinery.

Briefly: NAP
Brown Foreman Corporation as well as The Coca-Cola Company introduced a ready-to-drink Jack & Coke cocktail. The bar cocktail will be made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Coca-Cola. The drink will be introduced in Mexico later this year and will be sold worldwide.

Briefly: other highlights
General Mills as well as Restore agriculture has entered into a partnership to monitor agricultural practices and their environmental impacts on 175 million acres of farmland in the US, Europe and South America, where it source ingredients such as wheat, oats and dairy products.

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