Wired headphones are back, having cassettes again is cool and everyone has a record collection now. And don’t get us wrong, we love the warmth that analog technology brings… it’s just not always easy to take it with you. That’s why we’re excited about home audio systems like in Denon Home 350 Wireless Speakeron sale for $499– $200 off $699 retail price.

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The Denon Home 350 wireless speaker delivers resonant highs and bass thanks to two dynamic 0.75″ tweeters, two 2″ mid-bass drivers, two 6.5″ woofers and master audio tuning. And once you connect it to your home Wi-Fi network, it can deliver data to any part of the house you prefer. Whether you’re a die-hard Spotify user or an Apple Music fan – this speaker can stream everything including Amazon Music HD, Pandora, TIDAL, and TuneIn via Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, HEOS for multi-room, high-resolution listening (files ALAC, FLAC and WAV up to 192kHz/24bit as well as DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz tracks) or Bluetooth.

You can place a separate Home 350 in each room and play different songs as you walk or group several Denon speakers on sale including Denon Home 250 Wireless Speaker ($399 was $499) Denon 550 Home Soundbar ($499 was $649) and/or Denon home subwoofer ($499, was $599)—play the same song everywhere at the same time or create a cable-free home theater system. And yes, you can even plug a turntable (with a built-in preamp) into the Home 350’s AUX port, achieving sort of the best of both worlds.

Don’t want to reach for the remote to manage all those connections? You can use Alexa voice commands to control your speaker if you have an Echo device. Comfortable, Amazon Echo Dot fourth generation on sale for $39.99, 20 percent off its retail price. This compact speaker (one of our favorite smart speakers) can set timers, tell the time, and even tell jokes if you need a laugh. However, security is no joke – this is the reason Alexa doesn’t start listening until Echo hears you say “Alexa” and the light ring turns blue. It’s a reliable speaker on its own when you’re lounging in a cozy corner.

If you are ok with all your audio streamers and amplifiers being uplink and fixed and you just need reliable full range audio amplification, for now you can choose in KEF Q950 floorstanding speaker retails for about $800 (walnut only), almost $300 off the regular price of $1,099.98. Yes, KEF is especially known for its active Wi-Fi Hi-Fi (such as the recently released Compact plug-in speaker LSX II), but the British manufacturer’s passive high-performance speakers deserve equal respect for their ability to create a wide sweet spot without compromising sonic imagery or impact. This flagship is equipped with a 1.5″ aluminum tweeter, two 8″ aluminum woofers and dual aluminum heatsinks for a frequency response of 44-28,000 Hz (±3dB) – ideal for high-energy music and thrilling movies.

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