GRAND RAPID, MI (WOOD) Grand Rapids HBA House Parade it’s a 60-year tradition that draws people from all over the state of Michigan. The parade highlights the best of new home building, refurbishment and a carefully considered amount of resources to make your dream home a reality.

This year’s tour covers over 30 homes in the Grand Rapids area, including Ada, Caledonia and Rockford. Tour June 17-25. Tickets can be purchased from LMCU, HBA online or from most tour houses.

HBA Spring House Parade
June 17-25
Friday and Saturday – from 13:00 to 21:00
Monday-Thursday – from 16:00 to 21:00
13+ $15 entry, $10 at LMCU or online

Map of houses

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Travel tips from HBA:

You are in a foreign area when you travel. Be sure to respect no-parking zones, block driveways, and do not drive on lawns. Try to leave at least two vehicle widths for passing traffic.

Some builders are flattered if you take photos or measurements. Others would prefer that you refrain from taking pictures. Please ask permission before you start. Be attentive to other people visiting the house at the same time without blocking their view.


Note that most homes require protective shoe covers over socks, not bare feet; provided by the houses on the tour. You can take a new pair the first time you visit the house and keep it for use at every house on the tour.

We hope that the free entrance for children will create a good family atmosphere for you during the tour. For their safety and for the enjoyment of other travelers, please keep your children close at all times.

COMMENTS ABOUT THE HOUSE There may be homeowners on the property, so please refrain from commenting. Keep your observations positive while at home.

Sponsor: HBA Spring House Parade

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