The now-adult son of Sebrina Martin, the unopposed Democratic nominee for Montgomery Family Court Judge, has come forward with his own account of what life was like in her home between 2010 and 2012.

Jonathan Martin, now 21, joins his sisters Jasmine and Sidney in detailing allegations of excessive corporal punishment that resulted in an Indiana court removing six children from Sebrina Martin’s custody in 2013. Jonathan turned to per annum after publishing an article on Thursday in which he wants to talk about his childhood.

“It felt like a bad story; it didn’t feel real,” Jonathan said. “It seemed like there was no getting around it.”

The court ruling noted Jonathan’s bruising as key evidence in establishing the existence of excessive corporal punishment, and noted that the bruising was “evidence of domestic violence” in the home.

According to Jonathan, it was Jesse Hifner, Sebrina Martin’s then-boyfriend and now husband, who stabbed Jonathan, causing bruising.

“He would hit me with all his might, man,” Jonathan said. “Damn it, I felt like he was trying to get rid of aggression, not necessarily because of what I did.”

According to Jonathan, Sebrina encouraged Heifner to punish him.

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“She was like, ‘Kick his ass.’ Sebrina was the one who controlled everything,” Jonathan said.

He also recalled the case of the nanny Brenda Harvey, whom Sebrina Martin brought to live in the house. He said he had just finished swimming and Harvey whipped him. Then he went outside, where Jasmine was still in the pool. Jasmine asked if he was all right.

“Brenda yelled at her, ‘Don’t ask if he’s okay,’ and then dragged me by the hair into the room, hit me, spanked me and knocked me to the ground. She told me, “You don’t go back there after I do that.”

Jonathan remembers the first thrill he experienced when he was taken from his biological family.

“What really hurt me the most was, ‘OK, I’m being taken away from my biological parents, I think life is going to get better now, and then whatever happens,'” Jonathan said. “I felt like maybe this is what I deserve for the rest of my life. Maybe I just got handed a shitty hand and that’s what I’m going to get for the rest of my life… I remember countless times sitting in the bathroom and just looking at myself in the mirror saying, “This is the rest of my life. That’s what it’ll be like.”

Jonathan said it was surreal when his father, Michael Martin, received custody of the children in 2013.

“When my father finally got custody, everything seemed fake for three months,” Jonathan said. “I felt like he saved me, in which case he felt like Superman.”

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Some of his family knew that Sebrina Martin was still in Montgomery, practicing family law and even working to run for family court judge.

Jonathan only found out about this while talking to his family. per annum article last week.

“I didn’t follow what she was doing at all,” Jonathan said. “I was 100 percent ready, I don’t care about her, I don’t care about her. What I found very strange about all this is that she said something about someone saying negative things on the radio. And someone said, “We’re staying positive because that’s what Sebrina does for the kids.” I can’t look back and remember one positive thing she ever said or did for us. She pulled us out of a bad house, but in my opinion, she probably put us in an even worse one.

The Democratic Party has all the power and authority to remove Sebrina Martin from the position of candidate and elect someone else to replace her. Chris England, chairman of the party, did not comment at the time of publication.

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