Royal Caribbean Apply Fcc

Royal Caribbean Apply Fcc

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Susan smith’s cruise fare is $1000 jason smith’s cruise fare is $1000 susan can use the rest of her fcc for jason because he was a passenger on the original booking. Future cruise credit (fcc) question future cruise credit (fcc) question.

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January 15th, 2021, if you were booked on one of the following sailings:


Royal caribbean apply fcc. Cruise with confidence future cruise credits expire april 30th, 2022. These all fall under the cruise fare section of the receipt. If i apply an fcc to a cruise, am i no longer able to chan.

The original future cruise credit for the amount paid toward your cruise fare will be accounted for within your new future cruise credit. Am i able to elect to take the fcc for 2 of the 4 people? When this came through in may, we had our ta apply it to the december cruise.

Has anyone repriced a cruise after applying fcc? Started in 2010, royal caribbean blog offers daily coverage of news and information related to the royal caribbean cruise line along with other relevant topics of cruising, such as entertainment, news, photo updates and more. If you are in 100% penalty and the entire fare is refunded as an fcc you'll want to wait until they go back to bogo 60 to book the new cruise, otherwise guest 1 will use all of their fcc and still have extra fcc left over (to apply to another cruise) and guest 2 will still owe additional payment after applying their full fcc.

Couple of fcc questions i can’t seem to find the answer to (thanks to everyone who’s answered these all a million times). Now $20 bucks no big deal, but times that by a fleet full of passengers and well! As i mentioned in my original post there are two types of fcc's that have been issued each with a different expiry date.

Hi all, i hope i have this right, we should receive our fcc by email somewhere around april 30, we then have to call rccl to apply it to our new rebooked alaska cruise for 2021 after we pay the $500 down payment. I read somewhere that the fcc can not be applied online to the reservation that you. Fccs are only valid for the cruises on royal caribbean international ships, are not transferable, and may not be redeemed for cash.

The amount of your existing fcc will be protected at 100% and any additional amounts paid will be issued at 125%. Rcl has to be more flexible. If you cancelled a sailing you had to apply and sail;

Enter your future cruise credit number(s). Called ta and was told rccl wouldn't allow it. At least on carnival you can apply a fcc and take the rest as obc.

Here’s how to redeem online for existing bookings: The cruise with confidence fcc cannot be redeemed to repurchase the same sailing where the original booking cancelled. Just an fyi but i finally received fcc’s for one of our canceled cruises and once i did the math i realized they were both $10.00 short.

Can i apply 2 x fcc to one cruise no political posts.please remember our purpose. The cruise line sent out an update to travel agents about just one simple date that needs to be. You must redeem the fcc for a cruise that departs on or before september 30, 2022.

There’s now less confusion and more simplicity with royal caribbean future cruise credit (fcc). If the fcc was the result of someone cancelling under cwc then it must be applied and sailed by dec 31, 2021 Find more information on how you can use future cruise credit.

Any remaining balance of your future cruise credit (fcc) will be reissued to you as a new fcc after you complete your cruise. Future cruise credits are not interchangeable, guest must use future cruise credit for future cruises onboard royal caribbean. We have a booking for december which was a standard booking with a cash deposit through our ta.

Hi everyone, sorry for another fcc question. Our goal has been to provide our readers with expansive coverage of all aspects of the royal caribbean experience. Additional terms and conditions apply.

This new fcc will be valid until december 31, 2021, for use on sailings through may 4 th, 2022. Or are these items being refunded? We will see, as people post their upcoming experiences.

Fcc should apply to all things on that future cruise, if you book stuff through cruise planner it should also be allowed to be applied. I recently contacted rccl about refunding my deposit and using fcc but was told to contact ta. The email from royal says theyre issuing 125% fcc for total cruise fare paid.

The 125% onboard cruise credit offer window varies depending on when your sailing was suspended. Yes, you absolutely can apply an fcc to the cruise you have booked in april 2021. When i called to get them corrected the representative actually tried to give.

Seems like i am caught between the cat and the canary! When i cancelled a march 2020 cruise i booked a 2021 cruise and was told i could not use fcc for deposit. If the fcc was issued as a result of a global suspension (royal cancelled the cruise) then it must be applied by dec31, 2021 and sail by april 30, 2022.

By kencp, march 10, 2020 in royal caribbean discussion. Please see below for your exact deadline: Sign in to follow this.

Does anyone know if that includes gratuities, taxes, fees and port expenses? Fcc does not have to be used to book a new cruise. Any amount remaining after the expiration date will be void and forfeited.

If royal cancelled the sailing you had to apply by dec 31, 2021 but you could sail by april 30 2022. With the amount extra we are getting we could take another full cruise completely paid for because alaska is one of the most expensive itineraries, however, so are the excursions. After our march sailing was cancelled, we took the option of 125% fcc.

If i had a cruise booked for 4 that royal cancelled.

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