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If you’ve lived the past two years, chances are you’ve heard, seen, or perhaps even owned the wildly popular, ridiculously comfortable pile dress which Hill House Home unveiled in the midst of a pandemic. As the nation has spent the better part of two years at home, it’s no surprise that this chic and cozy lounge dress has become a fashion favorite with women across the country, inspiring trends like “cottage core” and “grand millennial” in the fashion space. .

house on the hill exploded in popularity with the debut of its pile dress, but the company is now experimenting with even more interesting products, including sleepwear and robes.

As a true homebody who lives for comfort, I certainly appreciate a good bathrobe – one that can withstand spilled coffee, multiple washes, and years of wear. And while at first I wasn’t sure about the Hill House Home hotel robe, which comes in several great styles, my opinion quickly changed when I saw a slew of super famous celebrities, including the singer. Camila Cabello as well as EuphoriaX Maud Apatow wear these gorgeous outfits while getting ready for this year’s Met Gala event. I immediately wanted to understand why some of the most beloved celebrities in the world are wearing this newly released robe, so I put Hotel Bathrobe to the test to see if it lived up to my expectations in terms of comfort, style and functionality.

Hill House Home Hotel Bathrobe in pink roses

A real hotel robe, which you will find in upscale rooms, Bathrobe for Hill House Home Hotel has an oversized, loose fit, but if you’re like me and want your robes to feel like you’re wearing a protective blanket, then you should feel right at home in this insanely cozy piece. I didn’t feel like I needed to go down from my typical size to achieve the right fit as styles tend to fit a variety of sizes.

The prints of the robe are also absolutely stunning and different from what you will find from other designers. Several engravings, including pastel tapestriesWith and blue botanical, are also featured on their famous dresses if you like to pair. You can even have your robe monogrammed if you want to personalize your choice. And these robes aren’t just for women; they have styles for both men and kids so start family matching!

As for the feel, I can’t stress enough how comfortable and soft this luxury bathrobe is. The fluffy fabric is forgiving and velvety, made from 100% micro-cotton and made in Portugal. The fabric isn’t too heavy either; it is a bathrobe that can be worn all year round without fear of overheating on a summer morning with a cup of coffee.

Hill House Home Hotel Robe in pastel colors Trellis

Why do not you robe be this chic?

Dare we say that if you want to feel Indeed when visiting a five-star hotel and spa, it is worth considering combining Hill House Hotel Bathrobe with the corresponding headband for bath. It all goes to show that you won’t regret investing in this celebrity-approved piece; just be sure to catch one before they sell out!

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