Plant Watering Calendar App

Plant Watering Calendar App


If you’ve already selected your garden crops, you’ll have noticed that each plant has different preferences. Access plant descriptions and growing tips to become a pro.

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Water, along with light, is vital to plant health and survival (knowing this is the easy part).


Plant watering calendar app. In the app, record planting dates, harvest dates and notes. You can personalise the app by adding the specific plants you have in your garden and the app will notify you of their requirements. It even includes a wish list feature that allows you to keep track of the plants that you hope to cultivate in the future.

Having an abundant garden means that you’re able to grow the right amount of healthy crops with a reasonable amount of time and effort. It worked well for us. You can check out our book keep your houseplants alive for plant watering requirements.

How an organized planting calendar can lead to an abundant harvest. This app offers a calendar that suggests what to plant each month. It can detect the plant type and suggest to you accordingly.

1) add your plants into the app. This app will track all your plants and notify you when attention is needed. Contribute to sabieber/leaf development by creating an account on github.

🌿 for each plant you can: Not only does the smartplant app help you identify plants but also provides a ‘digital care calendar’ to reveal everything your garden, and the plants within it, need. Never let another plant turn brown again.

Plant info includes photos and illustrations, moisture and light requirements, and level of invasiveness or rarity. • includes a reminder for your garden hours and watering periods and includes a calendar for your garden. The app is split into four bottom tabs:

This app also features a guide of nearly 100 common types of garden plants, including how to care for them, when to plant, and the specific methods of care. Garden pro also keeps you up to date on the weather forecast and offers useful tidbits of advice on crop rotation. Never leave your plant hanging again!

40 calendars in the whole notebook. Different plant types (or species) will need different amounts of water to stay healthy. It’s easy to forget, but with chilipulver watering sensor your potted plants never need to wait for water.

Waterbug is an app for people like me who can’t seem to get their plant care under control but still want to own plants. 3 blank columns to feel in as you please. With their clean and easy to use app you can spend less time on your phone and more time with your plants.

So never let your flowers die again 🙂 features: With the app, you snap a picture of your houseplants and then set a. But with a simple notification, you can remind yourself and keep your green buddies for a long time.

The best gardening apps for ios and android offer tips on care and make it easy to identify plants, maintain a schedule, and share your horticultural bounty. Flutter plant watering calendar app. You can use your calendar app to set reminders and stuff.

2) add reminders for watering, fertilizing, etc. Access a wide plant database to select what you want to plant, then use the app’s calendar feature to figure out when is the best time to plant it. But i can kinda get away with this because i'm gonna be watering this easy plant.

If you always forget to water flowers at home or office this is the right app for you. As soon as you input the picture in the app, it will set an interval of watering time. Waterbot is a free app that reminds you to water your houseplants.

3) get 1 notification every day reminding you which plants need care. It features a bunch of plants, flowers, bushes, fruit plants, and the like. Plants can be filtered by name, genus, family, or the user's location.

Happy plant is a watering app that reminds you to water your green buddies so they can keep living healthy. A search tab that functions like a library for detailed plant descriptions and care tips, an explore tab for discovering new plants, a reminders tab. But you know there's all kinds of things you can do you can keep a journal you can make a spreadsheet.

Chilipulver plant watering sensor, green. Get your plants drunk on water! For example, you can use them to write down fertilizer reminders, watering intervals required for each plant or the room where a particular plant is located.

The app uses your location to show what is best for you to plant each month. Everyone forgets to water their plants…we’re all guilty. Track your plants’ progress as you go and become the best plant parent.

5) drag and drop the reminder to mark it as complete. ‎vera by bloomscape is a plant care management app that helps you and your plants thrive! Be on the look out, this app may be growing by adding a real life plant nanny feature, for when you need a plant sitter.

Waterbot will help you save many lives. The app uploads the photo to the service and tries to identify the plant. The app is easy to use, making it a good choice for middle school and high school students.

It has a database of over 500,000 species of cacti, flowers, other ornamental plants, succulents, and mushrooms and over 150 million images, all available with a click.plantsnap is available in 30 languages and uses artificial intelligence technology to identify plants. Here’s an easy way to create a plant watering schedule that ensures each plant gets the amount of water it needs. Plant care reminder is a simple and convenient way to always be aware of the condition of your plants and take care of them in time.

4) take care of the plant in real life. Vera will do the rest, assuring no plant is forgotten by sending watering reminders to your phone for every plant. The goal of this plant identification app is to provide a “digital interface” between people and nature.

As an elder millennial, it goes without saying that i’m into plants. If you’re totally frustrated with watering your houseplants, here are some options to help you: 22 plants per 1 calendar (22 rows).

Waterme reminds you when to tend to the plants in your garden:

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