In this edition of 5 Things Food Management, we highlight five things you may have missed lately about developments affecting on-site dining.

Here is your list for today:

  1. NYC students tell city council about unpopular school meal options

New York City students recently testified before city council about unpopular eating options that have led some students to throw their lunch in the trash can. The board expressed concern about food being served to students after images of less appetizing meals circulated on social media. “I was served stale waffles at breakfast and barely cooked chicken nuggets and fries,” one student testified, while others said some of the dishes did not fit their religious or dietary restrictions.

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  1. Illinois bans latex gloves in food preparation and medical services

Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker signed into law a bill banning the use of latex gloves in food preparation and medical care due to the danger of latex allergy, which can range from skin irritation to severe anaphylaxis. The legislation includes provisions to allow food service businesses unable to purchase non-latex gloves to use latex gloves with prominent signage to alert customers to the change.

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  1. Compass Canada launches innovation division

Compass Group Canada has announced the launch of an innovation division to demonstrate its commitment to staying ahead of industry trends by investing in cutting edge technology, new culinary concepts, sustainability and a seamless experience powered by Compass Digital Labs technology. a division that debuted in 2016. The innovation team includes experts in various fields such as user experience design, artificial intelligence consulting, technology transformation, go-to-market, consumer research and sustainability.

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  1. Guckenheimer parent company names new CEO

ISS A/S announced that Suzanne Jorgensen will take over as CEO of the Americas region effective July 1, 2022, succeeding Dan Ryan, who has decided to step down. ISS is the parent company of top 50 FM ISS Guckenheimer, which it acquired in 2017, with Ryan instrumental in the deal that expanded the range of catering services ISS provides to customers in the US. Jorgensen joined ISS in September 2017, initially as the Regional Financial Director for the Americas before moving to her current position as General Manager for North America in December 2020.

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  1. Child Care Program Accidentally Served Children Floor Sealant Instead of Milk

According to the school district, twelve elementary school students in a childcare program in Juneau, Alaska, drank floor sealant thinking it was milk after it was served to the students. Students in the summer nursing program at Sitʼ Eeti Shaanáx̱-Glacier Valley Elementary School began complaining that the milk they were served as part of breakfast tasted bad and burned their mouths and throats. The site manager of RALLY, a summer care program, contacted the Poison Control Service and alerted the parents, and according to the District, “All steps provided by the Poison Control Service were carefully followed.”

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Bonus: Aramark pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030

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