A new food truck fleet on Route 1 in Arundel unofficially opened earlier this week in preparation for its first weekend on June 18th. On Friday, June 10th, Somethin’s Fishy had just been installed on the property and owner Herb Meyer IV was preparing its opening day. Pictured: Tammy Wells

ARANDEL – Fresh deep-fried seafood, smoked BBQ meats like pulled pork, pulled chicken and more, and ice cream for dessert are on the menu at Arundel’s newest grocery store, a food truck fleet located at 1632 Portland Road (Route one).

Three vendors – Somethin’s Fishy, ​​Mr. T’s Smoke Shack and Sprinkles, an ice cream shop, were all set to soft open earlier this week, and the owners are gearing up for a grand opening this weekend.

The location – across road 1 from Bentley’s Saloon – is likely to be a popular spot. Visitors can drive in and park or cross the street; a The crosswalk was supposed to be installed sometime this week.

Herb Meyer IV and his wife Margie Meyer will run Somethin’s Fishy, ​​serving fried haddock, shellfish, scallops and shrimp, as well as specials. He said Somethin’s Fishy would be open from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday, except Friday when the truck opens at 11:30 am.

Herb Meyer IV in his Somethin’s Fishy food truck on Friday, June 10th. Two more trucks will join the van this week, Mr. T’s. Smoke Shop and Sprinkles, an ice cream van, on Highway 1 in Arundel. Pictured: Tammy Wells

Meyer retired as a bricklayer after 43 years and built a food truck himself. “We did everything by the rules,” he said.

Meyer said he told his sister Cheryl Spofford, who owns Cheryl’s sandwich shop in Kennebunk, that he was thinking about starting a food truck business and that she should join him.

“They will need dessert; why not a nice little ice cream truck,” Spofford told her, “brother told her.

This cute little truck called Sprinkles was due to open earlier this week, offering a variety of Gifford ice cream flavors, including a sugar-free option, in waffle cones and cups.

Sprinkles will be open from 4pm to 8pm Tuesday through Sunday.

Dwayne Turnage said he has been involved in meat smoking and catering for some time, including sporting events such as fishing derbies and others. For lunch, he offers pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, smoked meatloaf sandwiches, ribs, and more. Dinner offerings include meats and side dishes such as mac and cheese, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and cornbread.

The Sprinkles ice cream truck will be part of Arundel’s new food truck fleet on Highway 1. Pictured: Tammy Wells

Mt.T’s Smoke Shack Resort will be open from 11 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday, Turnage said.

Picnic tables will be set up on the site.

The land is owned by Mario and Chad Binette and is adjacent to their Champion Auto Body business. Mario Binette said his son Chad was approached by three potential sellers after attempts to open a store in another area went nowhere. In late May, the City of Arundel Personnel Review Board inspected the site and approved a site for three food trucks. On June 7, the selection board held a public hearing and approved three suppliers.

“Arundel really worked with us,” said Binette, who rents the space to three vendors.

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