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Microsoft announced today the release of Microsoft Defender for Individuals, the company’s new security solution for personal phones and computers.

This new multi-device security solution is available to all Microsoft 365 customers with a Personal ($6.99/month) or Family ($9.99/month) subscription starting today.

First introduced to Windows 11 Insiders in March, Defender for Individuals provides malware and phishing protection for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android mobile and desktop devices.

It is designed to act as a central dashboard from which you can monitor the security status of your family members’ devices.

Defender for Individuals also provides security alerts and recommendations, including real-time alerts about device security changes and suggestions for keeping your data and devices secure.

Microsoft says the anti-malware feature is only available on Windows, macOS, and Android phones. In contrast, web protection is available on iOS and Android phones (on Windows, web protection is provided by the built-in Windows Security solution).

“It was built on top of our Microsoft Defender Endpoint technology and uses the same strong security that businesses rely on.” said Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Security, Compliance, Identity and Governance.

“It joins our comprehensive suite of security products and services as the newest member of our Microsoft Defender family of solutions and expands on the protections already built into Windows Security.”

Adding a new device to Microsoft Defender
Add a new device to Microsoft Defender (Microsoft)

A short list of security features associated with Microsoft Defender for Individuals include:

  • Manage your protections and view protections for all your family members from one easy-to-use centralized dashboard.
  • Review your existing antivirus protection (such as Norton or McAfee). Defender recognizes these protections in the toolbar.
  • Extend Windows device protection to iOS, Android, and macOS devices for cross-platform malware protection on the devices you and your family use most.
  • Get instant security alerts, problem solving strategies, and expert advice to help keep your data and devices secure.

You can download the Microsoft Defender app for Windows from Microsoft Storefor iPhones in Apple App Storeand Android phones in Google gamesand directly boot macOS from here.

Protector for individuals is not currently available in all Microsoft 365 regions. You can find a list of all regions where it is not available by going to here.

The Microsoft 365 Personal plan allows subscribers to use Defender for individuals on up to 5 devices with the same account and up to 30 devices at the same time with a family plan.

In May, Redmond also announced the public availability of Microsoft Defender for Business, a standalone enterprise-grade endpoint protection solution for small and medium businesses.

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