STERLING, Virginia June 22, 2022Neustar security servicesthe leading provider of cloud-based security services that enable global businesses to thrive online has launched an open and reduced version of its UltraDNS Health Check website at Until now, UltraDNS Health Check has been reserved for customers subscribing to the company’s UltraDNS product line, which provides an authoritative enterprise-grade cloud-based DNS service to securely deliver fast, accurate responses to queries to websites and vital online assets. The public version of UltraDNS Health Check allows any organization to use a powerful tool to assess the health of their domains and ensure their security, reliability, optimization and compliance.

The UltraDNS Health Check external site has been designed using hundreds of industry standards and best practices to help identify potential configuration and security issues. It performs over 20 checks, allowing users to ensure that their domains are RFC compliant and adhere to best practices. On-demand checks include domain checks to check basic configurations for routing and security compliance, and name servers (NS) to flag misconfigurations that might affect security, performance, or query resolution. Additional checks are performed for mail exchange (MX), origin of authority (SOA), and DNS security (DNSSEC).

“Securing your DNS is easy to overlook and hard to stay up to date, and we’re excited to make a resource that has been invaluable to UltraDNS customers available to everyone,” said Enrique Somoza, director of product management for DNS at Neustar Security Services. . “With this external DNS health check site, future customers can now see a subset of the full functionality that current customers use every day to assess their DNS hygiene and take appropriate action to maintain performance. This is just one of Neustar Security Services’ comprehensive offerings that have resulted in the 95% customer satisfaction rating we have achieved in recent periods.”

Taking advantage of the external UltraDNS Health Check site is easy. Users submit their domain names for analysis along with contact information to receive personalized health check reports. Reports offer immediate results and standards-based recommendations on the health of various zones, providing feedback on whether zones are in good health, are in error, may have problems, or are not in line with best practices. The site is free to use regardless of who your DNS provider is.

DNS is a critical service responsible for business availability and availability, and because it is fundamental, it has likely evolved over time along with a company’s strategies, people, and systems. This can be one of the easiest ways to infiltrate an organization, and reconnaissance cybercriminals find the DNS a rich source of information. With DNS, attackers can harvest subdomains of a domain for precise target matching, and easily accessible tools can find hidden servers and discover many different potential targets. With UltraDNS Health Check, users have at their disposal an effective platform for identifying misconfigurations and potential security issues, gathering valuable information for taking action to restore DNS hygiene and integrity. Access and additional information is available at

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