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During Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s first address to 7,500 Twitter employees after the company’s board agreed to the billionaire acquisition, Musk refused to rule out layoffs and said that only “exceptional” employees would be allowed to work remotely, while not addressing larger issues. that he can According to multiple sources, he backed out of a deal to buy a social media company.

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Asked if there could be staff cuts, Musk, who is reportedly customized to the town hall on Thursday from his phone — said the company needs to “recover”, noting that Twitter’s expenses exceed its revenues, according to Bloombergwho cited sources who were present at the meeting.

He added that any layoffs would be based on employee performance, according to Bloomberg.

Musk, who recently said he voted Republican for the first time, also shared his political views, saying he believes in “moderate politics,” adding that people should be allowed to “say what they want” on Twitter. according to The newspaper “New York Times.

Musk also said that only “great” employees would be allowed to work from home, two weeks after the messages appeared, Musk told Tesla employees they should work full-time in the office or resign.

Musk said he sought to buy Twitter to avoid the mainstream media’s “negative lens” and emphasized that if Twitter users felt “harassed or uncomfortable,” the site would lose too many users. Washington Post informed.

Musk said he would like to be involved in product development, but had no intention of becoming the new CEO of Twitter.

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1000000000. That’s how many daily active users Musk says he wants to have on Twitter. It has 229 million daily users, according to its income statement for the first quarter.

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“There is freedom of speech and freedom of reach,” he said of Twitter moderation methods. CNNwho received the meeting record. “I think people should be allowed to say some pretty outrageous things that are within the law but don’t get spread and don’t get a lot of spread.”


According to Bloomberg, Musk spoke about aliens at one point in the meeting, saying he “didn’t see any actual evidence” of their existence.

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The long-awaited meeting comes after Musk has sowed doubts in recent weeks over his $44 billion offer to buy Twitter. Musk said Twitter’s estimates of spambot users were inaccurate and threatened to pull out of the deal as the company withdrew from external analysis of the number of automated accounts on the platform. Twitter said the company intends to “close the deal and enforce the merger agreement at the agreed price and terms,” ​​and last week it was reported that it was preparing to give Musk access to a stream of every tweet sent so he could independently assess the prevalence of bots on the platform. Musk said during the meeting that he despises the number of bots on Twitter and said he wants to make life difficult for spammers on the platform. according to once. The meeting also came after Musk told Tesla employees in a leaked email that employees must work from the office “a minimum (and I mean *minimum*) 40 hours a week” or leave the company. Twitter employees expressed concern about the end of remote work, although Musk said during Thursday’s meeting that Twitter is different from Tesla, where he says it’s “impossible” to manufacture cars remotely. once.

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