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Multi Track Recording App Iphone

Thinking of turning your ipad into a mobile recording studio? Multitrack daw is a powerful audio recorder and audio editor for the iphone, ipod touch, and ipad.

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Here's our list of the best studio recording apps for iphone.


Multi track recording app iphone. You can quickly start and stop recording from the home screen. I'd like to put my vote in to have an option to export to either separate or merged tracks. Back to menu ↑ multitrack daw.

The hokusai audio editor is a recording app for ios that also works as a powerful and intuitive little multitrack editor. Option to upload directly to soundcloud with three recording quality options italk is a simple voice recorder that lets you record audio files and share them directly to soundcloud. The price tag is also a little bit steep.

You also get the option to adjust the sound quality. Includes a metronome with options for c… Ik multimedia amplitube for ipad £13.99 $19.99.

It's not the sexiest recording app out there, but it does 8 tracks out of the box (you can buy more), it has a snap feature (which you turn on in the options menu), and best of all, it's universal. You can’t do anything else on it, though it will get the. Mtsr allows you to record up to 4 tracks with a simple and easy to use interface.

Option to record uncompressed or compressed audio ; 3d touch and text notes are two noteworthy features. Nonetheless, it also serves as a respectable voice recorder.

Designed with a simple tape recording style and with many features for creative and more advanced music recording. Mtsr allows you to record up to 4 tracks with a simple and easy to use interface. The fourtrack multitrack audio recorder app is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, guitar players, piano players and other musicians who want to capture musical ideas and record songs on their iphone and ipod touch.

A cheap (or free) iphone app will do the recording and you can send it straight out to your adoring fans using facebook or soundcloud. Customize the app even for loud environments and you can adjust the sound of your instrument even in noisy environments. It provides up to 24 stereo tracks of better than cd quality audio, and the ability to playback all of those tracks, while recording up to 16 tracks simultaneously.

Studiomini is a multitrack recording app for iphone and ipod touch. Callrec lite call recorder for iphone allows you to record all your calls in high quality and there is no limit to the number of calls you can record. As its name suggests, the app is geared specifically towards those who record music.

Includes a metronome with options for c… Designed with a simple tape recording style and with many features for creative and more advanced music recording. Compared to 10 years ago, the technology has made recording music much easier and cheaper on aspiring and established musicians.

Multitrack also provides a suite of editing tools at your fingertips. And you can add notes to individual notes. Once this is completed, the files are combined and can be edited to play together or start separately.

The app started a little bit clunky, but has improved over time. Multitrack recording studio for iphone found at scratchtones, audiostar multitrack recording etc. Editing tools, including normalisation, gain adjusting, and fade in/out ;

This free call recording app for iphone offers a free version through which you can listen to only first 60 seconds of each recording. We definitely don’t recommend this one for simple recording tasks. Plug in a microphone, arm a track, record, and repeat.

Multi track song recorder is the perfect ios app for musicians looking to write and record simple songs. Mtsr allows you to record up to 4 tracks with a simple and easy to use interface. Multitrack editor lets you layer multiple files together

If you’re creative and want to rediscover your abilities, then multitrack daw can help. A real professional recording studio right in your pocket. Sp multitrack is a brand new edition to the successful series of songwriter’s pad products used by grammy award winning songwriters and novices alike.

Multitrack daw is an audio recording app primarily aimed at musicians and songwriters looking for a solution for recording demos, quick compositions and simple recordings on the move. Multitrack can be used for a host of purposes such as a tool for recording and layering audio for export to other daw's , creating that. Apple's famous garageband app in a cut down version for ipad with added smart multi touch gesture instruments so you can play your ipad like an instrument.

Look at most relevant multitrack recording studio for iphone apps. The app goes for $15.99.

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