In 2001, seven Chicago lung cancer patients came together to form LUNGevity, an organization dedicated to educational and supportive resources for people with lung cancer and survivors.

At the time, “there were actually no lung cancer funds at all,” says Linda Wenger, the organization’s marketing director.

In 2010, LUNGevity dramatically increased in size and scope when it merged with Protect Your Lungs, an organization founded in 2008 by the family of Patricia A. Stern, who died of an illness. Today, Andrea Ferris, Stern’s daughter, is President and CEO of LUNGevity, and their mission is stronger than ever.

Their purpose “With incredible advances in precision medicine and lung cancer immunotherapy, we have people living longer and we want to help them live better lives,” Wenger says. “We are also very focused on moving science forward so that we can deliver some of the advances to patients.”

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