The Tompkins County Department of Health says there are now 22,334 positive cases in Tompkins County, up 17 from Wednesday, and a total of 1,916,150 tests. The Department of Health is also now reporting positive self-test results that have been submitted through their online portal. They say there are 9 new positive self-test results out of 3128 submitted.

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As of Thursday, 8:15 a.m., the Department of Health reports that 419 tests were carried out the day before. The Tompkins County Department of Health releases New York State Vaccine Tracking information showing that 86,371 Tompkins County residents received their first dose and 78,975 completed their vaccinations (this could be one or two doses, depending on the vaccine).

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The Department of Health reports that there are currently four people hospitalized with COVID-19, up two from Wednesday’s update. In regards to last winter’s data change, “TCHD only reports active cases that are hospitalized” and not COVID-recovered patients who remain hospitalized for other reasons.

“Of the recent surge in hospital admissions, the vast majority are those who are vaccinated,” Tompkins County Public Health Director Frank Kruppa tells us, “but among those who are vaccinated and have been hospitalized for COVID-19-related reasons, the trend continues. that they are mostly elderly people, age 65+. These data point to the importance of boosters and second boosters for people over 65.”

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There have been 63 COVID-19 deaths among Tompkins County residents, including the death of a local resident reported in mid-June.

On June 19, Cornell University reported 19 active cases of students and 34 active cases of faculty and staff. Cornell has moved to weekly updates and the timing of their updates does not allow direct comparison with county statistics.

As of June 21, Ithaca College has reported no active cases in students, 592 recovered, and no active cases in staff and 257 recovered employees.

The Department of Health says the public must prevent the spread of COVID-19, not only to protect themselves, but also for other members of our community who are most vulnerable to severe illness – the elderly, immunocompromised people, and people with chronic comorbidities. health status.

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Frank Kruppa of TCHD says: “Vaccination rates are very high in our community, especially with the progress being reported by our local colleges. In addition to testing on arrival and observation, many of our new cases involve constant close contact with a positive person, i.e. more than 10 minutes within six feet of a positive case. These close encounters are more likely to occur in large, enclosed spaces where different groups of people are involved.”

“Over the past few weeks, our efforts have been focused on vaccinating our youth and providing booster doses to those who are eligible,” says Kruppa. “We are distributing self-test tests and masks throughout the county as supplies become available and thank our community partners for helping us with this effort.”

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