International food chains have entered the Indian market hoping to westernize the Indian taste. But the opposite happened; they ended up selling popular Indian snacks. Here is a selection of some of these popular dishes that are uniquely sold in the Indian market.

Maharaja Mak

Since its opening, McDonald’s has become synonymous with hamburgers in India and is hugely popular in both metropolitan areas and small towns for its affordable range of burgers. Maharaja vegetable and chicken pasta is one of the biggest burgers on the chain and part of the Indian menu. Veg Maharaja Mac consists of three slices of sesame seed buns, corn and cheese patties, jalapeno peppers, onion pieces, lettuce, cocktail sauce and cheddar cheese from Baramati, Maharashtra. Its chicken counterpart is known as Big Mac in other parts of the world, but in India it is called Chicken Maharaja Mac. It consists of a double chicken patty with habanero sauce, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes and grated onions, topped with cheddar cheese and iceberg lettuce.

Alu Tikki Burger

The McAloo Tikki burger was first launched in India in 1998 by McDonald’s when menu localization was not very popular. The hamburger chain’s signature burger combines familiar Indian cuisine with the novelty of the humble potato patty to create its iconic burger. The burger has become so popular and successful that it has become the face of McDonald’s menu innovation in the country. His patty with potatoes and peas, covered in Indian spices and breadcrumbs, served with sweet tomato mayonnaise, fresh onions and tomatoes in a regular bun, is still one of the most popular burgers. According to the burger chain, even guests from other countries tasted the burger during their visit to the country.

Biryani Bucket

The biryani bucket from KFC is the last entry on the list. The food chain has released a bucket full of India’s favorite Hyderabadi biryani with a mix of flavors. The highlight of the biryani bucket is KFC’s signature chicken toppings and hot sauce. Biryani Bucket has four different flavors to choose from: Chicken Biryani Bucket, Popcorn Chicken Biryani Bucket, Grilled Smoky Biryani Bucket, and Vegetable Biryani Bucket, and is available at KFC restaurants across the country.

Hara Bhara Kebab

Subway is the perfect place for healthy food lovers as it offers a variety of snacks, salads and rolls made with healthy ingredients. Like other establishments, Subway has an Indian menu. His Signature Wrap comes in a variety of flavors, and one of them is Hara Bhara Kebab, served on a flatbread, spinach base with Indian spices and toppings of choice. Subway also has other Indian rolls and salads, including Aloo Patty, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, and more.

Starbucks tea

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shop chains in the world. An American multinational coffee shop chain in India introduced Indian tea a few years ago. In 2017, Tata Starbucks Pvt Ltd announced the India Spice Majesty Blend, their collaboration with Starbucks Teavana to bring a brand new and superior tea experience to India. Tata has announced the introduction of the drink as a main offering across its 88 stores in India. As a result, 18 tea offerings have been launched, including signature Indian teas, iced teas, brewed hot teas, and layered flavored latte teas.

Badam Tandai

Tandai is a popular Indian drink made from almonds, saffron, milk, sugar, and other ingredients. It is usually drunk in the summer and is also popular during the Holi festival. Seeing the demand for the drink in India, Dunkin’ Donuts India, a popular donut and coffee brand, introduced it to their beverage menu. The chain has been actively promoting its tandai during the Holi festival for several years now.

Paratha Pizza

Domino’s’ Paratha Pizza is the latest addition to the list of desi food products launched by international food chains. The group launched a fusion of Italian and Indian languages ​​called Paratha Pizza. The chain says the paratha pizza has been created with local tastes in mind and is available in three flavors: the corn and cheese Paratha pizza, the Paneer Paratha pizza, and the chicken keema paratha pizza. The first is a mixture of corn-stuffed paratha with cheese flavor, the second is a combination of paneer with spicy cheese pizza sauce mixed with dough, and the third is a fragrant meaty chicken kima paratha combined with hot cheese pizza. All three pizzas were affordable.

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