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  • Incredo Sugar by DouxMatok will become part of the Batory Foods ingredient portfolio and available to manufacturers in North America. Incredo Sugar is made from traditional refined sugar, but needs about 50% less for the same level of sweetness.
  • Batory said he will start selling Incredo Sugar labeled as cane sugar suitable for baking, chocolate, spreads and protein bars. Batory did not disclose pricing, but said that Incredo Sugar is one of the most cost-effective sugar reduction solutions available, and using this ingredient will increase costs by 10-15%.
  • This is DouxMatok’s second ingredient partnership in the United States. In January, an Israeli chocolate company announced a partnership with Blommer Chocolate Company to produce chocolate chips with less sugar. partnership expanded last monthand Blommer offers chocolate and confectionery coatings made with Incredo Sugar.


This is the announcement that those who watch DouxMatok have been waiting for. Incredo Sugar, which tastes, sweetens and behaves just like refined sugar, is finally available.

The company, founded in 2014, has been moving closer to commercialization in the US in recent years. In 2020, DouxMatok announced a manufacturing agreement with Lantic, a company owned by Canada’s largest sugar mill. The first American product made from Incredo Sugar, DouxMatok’s Incredo sweet and chocolate spreads, hit the market last April. In September, DouxMatok announced a partnership with Hi-Food, which makes a semi-solid, flavorless building ingredient. – the need to use a sweetener instead of traditional sugar, since less Incredo is needed to be as sweet, and traditional sugar has significant structural properties in foods.

Nearly three in four US consumers try to avoid or limit their sugar intake, according to the study. 2022 International Food Information Council Review of Food and Healthhealthier sweeteners are definitely in demand. The same report states that 31% of consumers prefer sugar over no-calorie or low-calorie sweeteners, so a healthier, lower-calorie solution is likely to satisfy a wide range of consumers.

“Adding an innovative solution like Incredo The addition of sugar to our ingredient portfolio provides us with a great opportunity to keep up with the growing needs of both consumers and food manufacturers who are looking for products that are both healthy and nutritious,” Batory Foods President Vince Pinnery said in a written statement. “Another major benefit we see with Incredo Sugar is that the supply is unlimited.”

Batory Foods, which started as a sugar company in 1979 and has expanded into a wide range of ingredients for nutrition, function and taste over the past four decades, has recently been active in the sweetener category. Last month he acquired Sweetener Solutions, a Georgia-based company that is an expert in custom sweetener formulation, precision blending and portion packaging. Considering that the use of Incredo Sugar in a product requires a carefully crafted formulation, especially in the case of reformulation, in which the changes must be as subtle as possible for consumers, Batory’s newly acquired capabilities will come in handy for this partnership.

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