NEWPORT. David Carlin said he had never heard such a loud bang.

This woke him up from his sound sleep, and, still barking his dog, he made his way to the front of the house, his wife Trish following him. Karlin opened the door and saw his relatives living across the street. They warned him not to take a single step forward.

His front staircase is gone.

“It could have been disastrous,” Carlin said, noting that his bedroom is at the back of the house.

A resident in his 30s will face multiple charges in connection with an incident in the early hours of June 11, which included entering Carlin’s home at 3 Rose Street and being rescued at Cliff Walk.

Police did not identify the man and, as of Tuesday, he had not been formally charged as he was still in a Rhode Island hospital recovering from non-life-threatening injuries, Newport police lieutenant April Amaral told The Daily News.

Amaral said that after being released from the hospital, he will face trial in Newport District Court on charges of reckless driving, breaking and entering, vandalism and disorderly conduct.

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Amaral said police initially confronted the suspect after an alleged domestic incident. She added that he would not be charged with domestic violence because it was “just outside the window” when those charges would apply.

While police have yet to identify the suspect, Amaral said he is “a local gentleman we’re dealing with.” She said the incident is still under investigation and there are “still parts of it” that cannot be revealed at this time.

At first, Carlin thought that someone had crashed into his wife’s new car, but realized that the house he had owned for 16 years was damaged when he opened the door and saw his relatives. He said he saw a white truck leave the scene at about 1:15 am.

According to police, the suspect made his way through the streets of the city to Cliff Walk, where he got out of the car and fell about 40 feet. Newport Firefighters Local Union 1080 IAFF gave details of the rescue on your Facebook page.

“Two crew members went downstairs and began to pack the victim, while the crews at the top prepared the lifting system,” the report said. “Due to the nature of the injuries, a medical helicopter was requested to take the victim to a higher level of medical care. The victim was removed from under the rocks and taken to Toppa Field, where a medical plane was waiting for her.”

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Carlin said he heard the man was driving over 70 miles per hour after he crashed into his house. He added that Newport Police arrived on the scene almost immediately.

Tire marks on the street and cuts in the turf can still be seen, and Karlin said his quiet street, which is no bigger than a football field, was full of curious people to check on the aftermath over the weekend.

“Just go and sign the guest book,” he joked.

Carlin is a former member of the Newport school committee and has said that the BRS Building Company, owned by public school supporter Brian Stout, does housework.

“He’s a guy we knew in the community,” Carlin said. “After about 30 hours I was given a great temporary ladder. What a great job they did.”

Carlin said he was “very grateful” that no one was hurt in his home. The neighborhood is, for the most part, fairly quiet, and he had never heard of such an occurrence.

“It’s a great story,” he said.

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