Today, food delivery startup Rohlik announces a €220 million Series D fundraiser, and Instacart is launching a revamped Instacart+ subscription program. In addition, the PYMNTS survey reveals changes in consumer buying behavior.

PYMNTS data: Two-thirds of consumers do not sympathize with restaurant labor issues

As restaurants continue to grapple with labor issues, not all consumers are sympathetic to the difficulties they face – most are not even aware of them. To this point, research from the May/June issue of the PYMNTS Digital Divide series “Digital Divide: Technology, the Metaverse, and the Future of Restaurants”, created in collaboration with Paytronix, found that only 36% of consumers at least partially agree that in restaurants, they visit are understaffed.

Consumers buy cheaper products and use digital channels in the face of inflation

Inflation seems to have hit hardest at the dinner table. And with skyrocketing prices, we’re all getting a little more creative and strategic when it comes to feeding the family. In economics, there is a principle known as the “substitution effect”, which states that when the price of a good rises, consumers will move from choosing the higher price to offering the lower price. The PYMNTS data show that the “substitution effect” is in full force.

Grocery shoppers interact more with brands that offer fuel rewards

As gas and food prices skyrocket, consumers are looking for retailers that address some of their pricing concerns with targeted deals and rewards. In May, gas prices rose 466% more than consumer prices for the year as a whole, and fuel oil prices rose 12 times compared to the prices of goods of various categories, according to the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers (CPI-U). . This was reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) last Friday (June 10).

eGrocer Rohlik raises $230 million for technology innovation and expansion

Grocery delivery startup Rohlik has raised 220 million euros (about $230 million) in a Series D funding round to further develop its technology, according to a press release on Friday (June 17). The money will go towards innovations such as fulfillment center automation and electric mobility, the report said. Rohlik will also use the capital to further its expansion in existing countries.

Product review: Instacart launches family shopping carts for subscribers; Sprouts Taps Wholesale B2B Marketplace

Instacart announces updated subscription offer, Sprouts is partnering with Pod Foods and IKEA is trying out vertical farming at three of its stores in Germany.



O: The PYMNTS survey of 2,094 consumers for The Tailored Shopping Experience report, conducted in collaboration with Elastic Path, reveals where merchants are doing it right and where they need to improve their game to provide a personalized shopping experience.

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