In today’s high-tech world, real estate ad marketing is no longer just about detailed descriptions and high-resolution photos.

About 97% of homebuyers Using the Internet for home searches, brokerages are constantly investing in new ways to stand out from the competition. For leading luxury real estate agents, one tool has become indispensable – computer images or computer graphics.

From virtual scenes to 3D renderings for new developments, advances in digital imaging technology now allow potential buyers to “walk” through a home before setting foot on an actual property. Here’s how some of the leading luxury realtors today are using computer graphics and virtual reality to change the way we see listings.

Bringing drawings to life

Most agents would agree that half the success of closing a property is getting clients to come and see the property for themselves, but with houses that haven’t been built yet, that’s not possible. That’s why for Ryan Knowlesfounder and CEO of a luxury boutique company MASON Bahamassales of projects that are still in development would not be possible without CGI visualization.

“This is the most important asset we have in the sale of pre-construction properties. In years past, we were limited to just static images; we can now provide potential buyers with interactive walkways that take them into the space as if they were actually there.”

The agent added that pre-build sales are becoming more common and that there is a “significant shift in buyer behavior” in today’s market, with many deals going off the radar.

“More than ever, shoppers are making multi-million dollar buying decisions before the first shovel hits the ground, and CG rendering has a lot to do with that.”

Decorating with digital furniture

Physical staging has been in the arsenal of almost every agency for decades, but with the advent of virtual furniture, many are moving to this simpler, more cost-effective option, he says. Paul Salazardirector of real estate brokerage in Beverly Hills Hilton and Highland. “For virtual staging, the technology has become so advanced that it’s extremely difficult to tell what’s real and what’s fake.”

Salazar added that digital home staging is not only convenient for agencies, but also for home sellers.

“For clients who don’t want to move all their furniture and go through this tedious process, virtual staging is a quick and easy solution.”

Chris Morrisonfounding partner in RETSIE from Scottsdale, believes the digital staging of the home allows prospective buyers to better understand the layout of the vacant home. “We can place virtual furniture to show potential buyers all the benefits of a home, including room size, style, or even window views.”

The agent says the digital tool is especially useful for marketing more substantial homes.

“Most buyers struggle to find a vision when looking at an old home. The computer graphics provide a visual representation of what an “outdated” home would look like with modern equipment and standards.”

Selling a lifestyle through experience

Per Kendra RatcliffOregon-based boutique brokerage firm LUXrendered images provide the extra detail needed to connect buyers emotionally with the ad.

“Selling a partly finished home is clumsy because the vision isn’t ready yet. Computer graphics is the art of depicting a complete vision of empty space to showcase the emotion of a finished home.”

Familiarity with space is critical to selling a home, the agent added, and that “by adding CGI, you create a flow between rooms that almost becomes reality. Suddenly, what used to be a picture on a screen becomes an entity and an experience. It is in this experience that conversations begin and ideas come together.”

Fellow LUXE agent Julie Martin agrees with his colleague that digital images make potential buyers think about what life would be like in a listed building.

“Visualizations show the atmosphere of the house and the way of life of its inhabitants, highlighting the features, organization of space and arrangement of furniture.”

Martin also says that 3D rendering makes it easier to visualize outdoor space through “the warm quality of natural light that conveys the environment and landscape.”

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