As more homeowners embrace smart technology, installing everything from intuitive sound systems to automatic cleaning devices, designers are thinking about how to incorporate new technology in a way that feels organic.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, explains Jacqueline Genovese of Spaces By JacFlash. “Interior design today is about more than just aesthetics and spatial planning. It has to consider how the client uses their space,” she says.

Incorporating functional equipment into your interior in a way that looks natural is easier than ever because smart home technology has become less intrusive.

Companies such as Roborock, the next generation robot vacuum maker, are responding to consumer needs by developing products that can make your life easier without requiring you to rethink your habits. They are also pioneering easy-to-use technologies that enhance the look of your home with regular cleaning without you having to put in the effort. Just set up your device once and it will continue to work.

Whether you’re looking to automate your cleaning routine or simply upgrade your lighting, here’s how to bring your home into the future in style.

Identify your pain points

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First, consider where smart technology can make the most difference in your life. If missing bags are a problem, a video-enabled doorbell might help, or if constant crumbs and dripping mops are annoying, consider switching to a programmable robot vacuum.

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a smart home device, take the time to consider where the technology will live and what it will look like, suggests Genovese. “Once you’ve determined your goals, determine the desired location for your devices and any control panels or other equipment you need,” Genovese says.

Measure and map out the elements that are already in your space to determine how something like a Bluetooth-enabled smart vacuum dock or soundbar can naturally fit in between or next to them.

Touch its design potential

While older versions of smart tech might look out of place in your carefully designed space, the current wave of smart tech is meant to complement your home’s décor. For example, “TVs with photo frames can display high-quality pictures or photos when the TV is not in use,” Genovese notes, which makes it easy for you to change your favorite pictures depending on your mood or season.

Same way, RoborockThe sleek docking station looks at home next to pieces of contemporary furniture and blends seamlessly into the backdrop of busy interiors without needing to be hidden away like the bulkier products of yesteryear. This achievement was no small feat as Nicole Hahn, Head of Product Marketing at Roborockexplains: “In terms of size, the lidless design actually made it smaller than other lidded docks of the same caliber, so we save space as well. The product design team opted for an overall box-like design to maximize the contact space between each compartment. This reduces the wasted surface area that other shapes, such as a cylinder, can take up.”

Synchronize your devices

Many devices are designed to integrate with systems you already use to make your life easier, such as scheduling your smart lights to turn on and off, or using voice commands for your virtual assistant to guide your smart vacuum cleaner.

When Roborock vacuum cleaners, you can simply tell your device to clean your living room, for example, and it will rely on a complex internal map of your space to get the job done while you lounge on the couch. This means you can also start a clean session remotely from work or while running errands.

Summer Jensen of Hawk & Co. agrees that one of the best things about smart tech is how products can connect different parts of your daily life: “I love the new smart mirrors where you can follow the latest makeup tutorials, check email. or watch the stock market while brushing your teeth,” she advises. If connecting your devices seems complicated, consider hiring a technical consultant to set everything up.

Let your home be a guide – and trust your technology

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When it comes to “set it and forget it” home add-ons, “check the compatibility of your system and finish,” Jensen says. If you have an older home, you may need to upgrade your electrical and wiring to cope with new high-tech lighting, mirrors, or doorbells.

In the case of smart vacuums, invest in a model that works for the floors in your home. “Smart vacuums have always been best on hardwood floors, as flat, unpaved surfaces are easier to maneuver, but now some can pick up lint and thick carpet without getting stuck,” says Genovese.

Roborock Vacuums are effective on any type of floor surface, removing every last grain of dirt, dust and pet hair, and the mop head can clean up to 3,000 times per minute for flawless results. Advanced obstacle avoidance features also mean they can navigate tricky areas of your particular home that could confuse older iterations.

Feel comfortable with additional features

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While it’s designed to be intuitive, “using smart home technology gets easier with time and practice,” says Genovese. As you become familiar with the various settings of each device, you will be able to take full advantage of your new investment.

Take the time to play around with the options by experimenting to find out which schedules or features matter the most to your life. For example, many devices come with separate apps that can store specific rules in memory or create different profiles so that each member of your household can tailor them to suit their needs.

To take one more step RoborockSelf-emptying trash cans and mops, which can be filled and emptied with an internal tank, mean they can be cleaned for weeks without requiring your manual attention. This way you spend your time at home resting instead of cleaning.

Choose the time-saving technology you’ll actually use

Ultimately, like any interior design choice, smart home technology should make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Incorporating it into your living space should be as natural as buying a new sofa or replacing a refrigerator. While some technologies may have more to do with flash than efficiency, automatic cleaning devices such as Roborock can shorten the time it takes to complete everyday tasks – an effect that goes far beyond a great appearance… although a stylish design doesn’t hurt either.

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