Comparing SimpliSafe and ADT is what you will end up with as you explore different types of home security systems.

Even though they are made for different types of users, they both provide the same service with very similar features.

So which option is best for you? Let’s find out.

All about SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is an affordable home security system that’s easy to install and doesn’t require any commitments or contracts.

With SimpliSafe, you can avoid the hassle of wires and drills. All parts come with removable sticky pads.

You can take them out and stick them where you see fit. In terms of connectivity, you need to connect all your devices to its base station and connect the base station to your Wi-Fi.

If you are still unsure about the installation process, you can order a professional installation for a fee.

SimpliSafe Features

Before diving into gadgets, you can get from SimpliSafelet’s go through the plans he offers.

Monitoring plans

SimpliSafe offers two plans: self-monitoring and interactive monitoring.

If you choose Self-monitoring, you get unlimited camera recording, a one-year warranty, and alerts for each sensor.

An interactive surveillance plan gives you 24/7 high priority police, medical and fire services. In addition, you get temperature and flood monitoring, video verification and unlimited camera recording. The interactive plan also includes a lifetime warranty on all parts of the system.

Now that we’ve covered the services, let’s move on to the systems, products, and devices you can buy from SimpliSafe.


To understand SimpliSafe security systems and the options available, you need to know everything on the table. This means that we must become familiar with all devices.

  • Base station: It is the brain of your entire security system and possibly the only device you need to plug in. The base station has a built-in battery for backup power in case of a power outage. It is included in all security systems offered by SimpliSafe.
  • Wireless keyboard: The keyboard is included with all SimpliSafe security systems. It will help you set passwords for different family members, arm and disarm the system, and arm the alarm when needed.
  • Temperature sensor: Alerts you when the temperature in your home drops below 41 degrees.
  • Panic button: TThe panic button turns on your alarm and notifies the monitoring center.
  • Glass break sensor: It is designed to ignore the sound of breaking cymbals.

SimpliSafe also offers a variety of optional sensors, detectors and wireless outdoor and indoor cameras.

Security systems

We know the devices and tools that SimpliSafe has to offer and we know the plans, now let’s talk about all the security systems available.

SimpliSafe offers five different systems.

1. Harbor

Haven contains a total of 10 sets of devices, and requires little to no additions if you live in an apartment or a one-story house.

You get a base station, a keypad, four entry sensors, two motion sensors, a panic button, a smoke detector, a temperature sensor, a water sensor, a key fob, and a wireless siren.

2. Knox

Knox offers seven sets of devices that include a base station, keypad, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, a smoke detector, a key fob and a wireless siren.

3. Hearth

If you don’t need to cover a large area, you can try Hearth. It also offers seven sets of devices.

With Hearth, you get a base station, a keypad, three entry sensors, a motion detector, a smoke detector, a key fob, and a wireless siren.

4. Basics

Essentials is one of the cheapest packages out there, and as the name suggests, it offers everything you need to monitor your home.

It comes with a base station, keyboard, three entry sensors and a motion sensor.

5. Foundation

The foundation offers you the very bare minimum you need to oversee your place. This will work well if you are a single person living in a small apartment. It can also work well if you only need to control part of your home.

Foundation comes with a base station, keyboard, entry sensor and motion sensor.

Additional products

A couple more things SimpliSafe has to offer:

  • Video doorbell: The video intercom alerts you when someone is at the door, even if they don’t ring the bell. You can also control all activities on the doorstep and in front of your home.
  • Smart lock: A The smart lock locks your door when you arm the system and notifies you whenever someone opens it.

You can also learn more about how SimpliSafe compares to Ring, another big do-it-yourself smart home security system.

All about ATT

When it comes to prices, packages and prerequisites, ATD made for a completely different market.

Not only does it require a contract for up to three years, but none of its systems can be installed by the customer on their own. ADT sends a technician to professionally install the system in your home for a fee.

On the plus side, it offers a 6-month money-back guarantee.

Features and prices

ADT does not sell its hardware and devices separately, unlike SimpliSafe. You get the packages that make up your system, and you can pay upfront or monthly for each one.


ADT offers three packages and prices may vary depending on the size and features of your property. All packages include professional and environmental monitoring to assist dispatchers in confirming an emergency.

1. Safe home

Secure Home is completely focused on monitoring and security. So, if you are facing this issue, here is what you will get in this package:

  • Numeric panel
  • Input contact sensors
  • Keychain Remote
  • Motion Detector
  • Court signs
  • window stickers

If you choose to pay upfront, it can cost you between $599 and $899, not including monitoring and installation fees. Monthly payments can cost anywhere from $55.97 to $60.97 per month in addition to monitoring fees.

2. Smart home

A smart home offers more control over the household. You can remotely control the security, environment and aesthetics of your home.

The Smart Home package includes everything in the Safe Home plus some extra features such as customizable alerts, remote arming and disarming, smart thermostat, smart light bulb and garage controller.

3. Video and smart home

The Video & Smart Home package offers everything ADT has to offer. It allows you to control your home security and appliances, as well as monitor your home’s surroundings remotely.

In addition to the features included in the previous two packages, the Video and Smart Home package offers indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras, customizable alerts, live video streaming, and the ability to record and save clips.

Not including installation costs, the Video & Smart Home package starts at $1,049 and can go up to $1,449.

SimpliSafe vs ADT

Both SimpliSafe and ADT work well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. But in this regard, ADT surpasses SimpliSafe as it collaborates with more and more companies, expanding its functionality for different brands and devices.

However, for people with trust issues, it’s a different game. Would you trust a company enough to let your people into your home and install all the surveillance devices?

Or would you like to rely on a company that is more new than the other but encourages you to customize your own systems through do-it-yourself methods?

And before you make your decision, check out our list of home security mistakes you really should avoid.

Final verdict

If you are on a budget, your options are clear. You would do well with SimpliSafe. If you like the autonomy of doing everything yourself, again, SimpliSafe is the option for you.

However, if you have extra money and want more options or complete control over your home including appliances, ADT is the best choice for you.

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