York, Maine. Police say the two men hoped to rob a house on Mountain Road on Tuesday morning, but their plan was foiled by CCTV.

Gary Farr, 42, of Sanford, Maine, and Stephen Malloy, 40, of North Yarmouth, Maine, were at the house at 229 Mountain Road on Tuesday morning while the owner was away, police said.

York Police said the house was undergoing renovations when Farr and Malloy entered the house. According to Detective Sergeant, as they prepared to take the items outside, the homeowner watched remotely through his real-time surveillance system. Thomas Cryan.

“They were alerted to the activity and notified us, they had a live stream,” Cryan said.

The police were sent to the house and informed the homeowner that the alleged burglars were still in the house. According to them, the police cordoned off the area around the house and eventually detained the two without incident. Farr and Malloy were taken to the York County Jail, where they were held on $25,000 bail. According to Cryan, they were due to appear in court on Wednesday.

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The number of burglaries in York has dropped, according to police.

Cryan said burglary statistics were not immediately available, but he anecdotally said that officers have seen fewer burglaries in recent years, even in the off-season when they occur more frequently. He said that usually in the winter, when the snowbirds leave in warmer weather, burglars try to break into their homes.

“They will come back and find that the door is broken, the window is broken,” Cryan said. “Even they were at a lower level this year compared to other years.”

Cryan said more people are investing in home security systems as they have become cheaper recently than in years past.

“I think people are taking a little more precaution,” Cryan said. “Technology and cost is much better than before.”

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Nearby cities are also seeing a decrease in burglaries.

York is not the only department among southern Maine’s beach communities to see a decline in burglaries.

Ogunquit Police Lieutenant Neil Pavlik said burglaries have also declined in recent years, due in part to the prevalence of security systems. He also said his city saw fewer burglaries as seasonal homes are increasingly being demolished and replaced with quality year-round residences. According to him, more people are at home year-round than ever before.

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Wells Police Captain Jerry Congdon agreed that the prevalence of home security systems is an effective deterrent to burglars. He said his department had witnessed a burglary since the winter, when four different people were accused of committing a series of burglaries.

Wells Police arrested George Roberts, Richard Riley Jr. and Dakota Murphy on burglary and theft charges in December, and are each awaiting a status debate in York Supreme Court this summer. Congdon said the number of burglaries in the city has decreased since these arrests were made.

Congdon said the cameras don’t always help when the perpetrator wears a mask, hat and gloves and the crime has already been committed. However, a live feed caught by a homeowner in the act of committing a crime has been of great help to the police in their fight against thefts at both residential and commercial properties.

“I think people are getting the message, and frankly even potential suspects,” Congdon said. “Of course, it’s a great deterrent.”

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