MACAU, June 19 – The Bureau of Health announces that during the citywide nucleic acid testing period from 19th up to 21st. June, emergency and emergency department (including island ambulance station) and inpatient service will operate as usual; from 20th up to 21st. June Hematology Oncology Day Hospital, Hemodialysis Unit and CHCSJ Pharmacy will also operate as normal; while specialized outpatient services (including outpatient clinics, radiology, blood sampling and clinical pathology analysis, internal medicine endoscopy service, urology diagnosis and treatment day service, outpatient rehabilitation service), non-urgent elective surgery, and peritoneal dialysis service will be suspended from 19th June and resume normal operation from 22th June.

CHCSJ will close all visits from today until further notice. Any special situations will be considered on a case by case basis; For questions, contact the hospital hotline on 8390 6000 or 8390 3600.

Persons who are unable to receive medical advice, treatment or examination at the CSSU due to the above conditions from 19th up to 21st. June will be notified within seven business days of the new appointment date by the relevant units/departments. Affected users of the blood collection and clinical pathology service may visit the blood sample collection room to donate blood according to the sequence number on the first Saturday after the completion of the citywide nucleic acid testing program; Individuals requiring early screening services due to illness can donate blood on the first business day immediately following the program, ie. 22th June. For questions, call 8390 6000.

During the period of mass testing, the services of the Public Health Laboratory, various Health Centers and Medical Posts, as well as the Center for Medical Examination of Civil Servants are suspended, only the service of nurses is maintained from 9:00 to 13:00 daily. ; The blood transfusion center provides services as usual. Users of health centers and health centers whose appointments have been canceled may visit the respective health center or health center in accordance with the original service schedule on the first Saturday and Sunday, as well as on the second Saturday after the conclusion of the citywide nucleic acid. testing program. For services at the Medical Examination Center for Government Officials, affected users will be notified of the new appointment times separately.

Regarding services at COVID-19 vaccination sites, except Forum Macau large community vaccination station (open from 09:00 to 18:00) and Toysan Health Worker Clinic (open from 09:00). until 12:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00), all other vaccination sites, including polyclinics and polyclinics, Kiang Wu Hospital, University Hospital, etc.) have suspended their vaccination service. Residents who need to be vaccinated can seek help from the Macao Forum or the working medical clinic of Toysan.

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