ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Health AllianceTMIllinois-based Carle Health care plan paves the way for populations at increasing risk by launching a remote patient monitoring program based on CareSignal. This program is part of Hally® Health, Health Alliance’s member-focused telemedicine application that provides its members with access to tools and resources for their well-being. The partnership between Health Alliance and CareSignal aims to reduce readmissions, cut costs and improve the member experience while improving health literacy and empowering members to better manage their chronic conditions.

The partnership serves the combined Medicare and commercial populations and is expanding into the Carle Health Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

CareSignal’s scalable remote patient monitoring technology sends evidence-based questions directly by phone or text to a member. Questions focus on the participant’s health status and encourage adherence to their health management plan by reporting symptoms and daily habits while tracking changes in risk status. Signs of worsening symptoms can trigger real-time alerts to intervene, including proactive health education and escalation of care. The Health Alliance is currently prioritizing chronic obstructive respiratory disease (COPD), congestive heart failure, hypertension, asthma, and post-discharge care, and hopes to reach additional populations.

The Health Alliance is also strengthening its care coordination team with CareSignal Virtual Care Navigators (VCNs), allowing them to manage large numbers of members without the need for additional staff. VCNs are the first to intervene with members before contacting the Health Alliance Care Coordination Team and/or the Primary Care Physician. By performing routine checks, training, and task planning when needed, VCNs enable the Health Alliance Care Coordination Team to perform at their best. The program provides enhanced support for members without additional vendor touchpoints.

“Our team chose CareSignal as the best fit for our Health Alliance remote patient monitoring strategy because of its clinically validated pathways, scalability, and ease of use for our members,” said Margie Zeglen, MBA, FACHE, Vice President, Community Health . in the Health Alliance and Carle Health. “We believe that by adding remote patient monitoring to our community health services, we will improve the quality of care and health outcomes, increase access to care management, reduce disparities in health outcomes, improve the member experience, and reduce hospital admissions, visits emergency departments and readmissions. rates.”

“The expansion of this relationship is the result of the clinical and strategic vision Carle and Health Alliance teammates bring to our partnership,” said Blake Marggraf, CEO of CareSignal, a Lightbeam company. “Given the ongoing nationwide workforce challenges healthcare organizations face, the CareSignal team is especially proud to be able to support the Health Alliance with both the technology and clinical resources needed to succeed. I look forward to serving the clinical needs of even more people while working with an amazing client partner.”

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O Health Alliance:

Based in Champaign, Illinois, Health Alliance operates in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, and Washington, with additional licenses in Nebraska and Missouri. The Health Alliance is part of Carle Health, an integrated health care system that includes a system of five hospitals and multidisciplinary physician teams, as well as the Carl College of Medicine of Illinois and the Stevens Family Clinical Research Institute.

In Illinois, Health Alliance offers Employer Group Plans, Individual Plans, Medicare Plans, Illinois Employee Plans, and Illinois State Pension Plans through Total Retiree Advantage Illinois. In Iowa, the Health Alliance offers employer group plans and Medicare plans. In Washington DC, we offer Medicare plans and state individual plans. And in Indiana and Ohio, the Health Alliance offers Medicare plans.

About CareSignal, a Lightbeam Health Solutions company:

CareSignal Offers Device-Free Remote Patient Monitoring® specifically designed for value-based care by using real-time, self-reported patient data and artificial intelligence to provide long-term interaction with patients to identify clinical action points for proactive care. Together, Lightbeam and CareSignal combine best-in-class healthcare capabilities with proven remote collaboration and monitoring solutions serving more than 42 million patient lives in the United States. Lightbeam’s vision is to shine a light on health data through analytics, and to provide the insight and capabilities healthcare clients need to ensure patients get the right care at the right time. Learn more about solutions specific to your organization and population by visiting our Web site or try it yourself demo.

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