In a game where the stands weren’t very full and most of Colorado was set to Stanley Cup and winning the first game of the Colorado Avs, the Rockies were unable to compete at Coors Field. Austin Gomber was hit hard, the Rockies kept making mistakes, and the big hit never came. In addition to six consecutive losses at Course Field, the Rockies have also lost seven of their last eight in Denver, down to 16-18, which translates into a .471 win percentage at home.

Greens can’t shake the Gomber’s Coors blues

It was Gomber’s sixth start of the season at home, and he won just one, a 5-4 victory over Nationals on May 4. Start. He never had a 1-2-3 inning. Instead, he gave up at least one extra base hit in four of his five innings. Gomber got into trouble first in the second when Owen Miller scored a brace. Despite getting two strikeouts, Oscar Mercado then hit an RBI single to give Cleveland a 1-0 lead. Amed Rosario hit a homer in the third to help the Guardians tie at 2-all. After the Rockies regained a 4-2 lead, Cleveland hit back with a fifth. This was partly due to the fault of Gomber, and poor defense was responsible for the rest. Gomber landed three more punches, including a double, as well as a kick ticket to the dugout. He gave up four earned runs (five in total) with nine hits in 4 matches. 23 Gomber encouraged the Rockies to wear a City Connect uniform, but the change did not bring him any luck in the beginning.

Bugs continue to haunt the Rocky Mountains

For the 12th consecutive home game, the Rockies made an on-field error. This time it was due to a shooting error by Elias Diaz. With one out, Amed Rosario and José Ramirez went into straight singles. They then attempted a double interception and went beyond their wildest dreams as Diaz’s shot went over Ryan McMahon’s head and into left field. He scored against Rosario and allowed Ramirez to reach third. The game was déjà vu again, Yogi Berra said, as it brought back memories of Diaz’s 10th-inning mishandling in a 2-1 Rockies win against the Padres on Saturday. After the error, Gomber gave up walking and flying to have corner runners with two outs. It was then that Josh Naylor scored a double to give Cleveland a 5–4 lead. In the third inning

Successful breaks and missed chances

The Rockies took 10 hits—the same number as the Cleveland—but couldn’t cash them out. They went 3 of 12 with runners in scoring position. Colorado’s first two runs went with some luck after Jonathan Daza led with a double and McMahon singled out corner runners with one out. After Randal Grichuk landed, Diaz hit a weak hitter but capitalized when Cleveland starter Connor Pilkington made his own shot to score Daza and allow McMahon to come home from first place.

In the third, the Rockies again took advantage of the Guardian’s errors after Brendan Rodgers left and Krohn made a one-out double. With Daza on the plate, Pilkington threw a wild pitch to take down Rodgers. José Iglesias then hit a pop-up in the shallow center, but Oscar Mercado dropped him. Kron took advantage by scoring to give the Rockies a 4-2 lead. Then the Rockies made their own mistake and Iglesias was killed.

Connor Joe led seventh with a double and Rodgers left. With two strikeouts, Daza hit an RBI single to cut Cleveland’s lead to 6-5. Then Iglesias made what looked like at least a base-clearing double, but Steven Kwan made an absolutely outstanding jump catch on the warning lane.

Daza, Joe and Blackmon each had two nights, but only Daza had an RBI.


The Rockies and Guardians will take to the field in the series finale on Thursday at 10:10 pm BST. Chad Kool (4-3, 3.70 ERA) will head to the Rockies and Triston McKenzie (3-5, 3.09 ERA) will be on the beat for Cleveland.

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