Welcome back to Good Taste, your weekly Bay Area food review. Now that summer is here, it’s time to open up your calendar to save a few dates!

Philippine Independence Crawl (Sun/26 in San Francisco)

Kick off your summer food fun this weekend with a food and entertainment detour at four venues in the SOMA Pilipinas Philippine Heritage Area to celebrate 124 years of decolonization. You will find food vendors such as Ube area, jungle dog, Buko pastriesCousin Ni Darna and wildflor at the Sari Sari Market. Kultivate Labs events like these are always a good opportunity to learn about independent food vendors in the Bay Area.

FoodieLand night market (July 1-3 at San Mateo; August 5-7, August 12-14 and October 7-9 at Berkeley)

If you want a food-only fair in this area, consider visiting one of FoodieLand’s massive nighttime fairs this year. Although specific vendors have not been announced, there are plans to introduce over 120 different options, including many items on a stick.

cooking summer party (July 10 in San Francisco)

Foodwise (formerly CUESA) at the Ferry Building hosts a tasting with 15 beverage companies (wine, spirits, beer, etc.) and 30 restaurants and food service establishments. Expected highlights include bites Greens, Dolphin, Rome, La Maras well as peach pies. Tickets benefit from their free educational programs for children, as well as food and labor costs for participating vendors.

Bay Area Night Market 626 (July 29-31 in Pleasanton)

A 10-year-old fun-running San Gabriel Valley food rave in Southern California, it will take three days to the Alameda County Fairgrounds. Arrive early to minimize queues and time spent during peak summer heat!

Film Festival and Gastronomy Conscious Eating Festival (August 6-7 in Nicasio)

The Marin County Animal Shelter is called Compacion Ranch hosts a film and food festival. Watch films that explore our food systems and check out vegan offerings from independent restaurants and businesses such as Casa Borinquena, Chef Reinaas well as Hodo.

L’Haim: Jew Food and Wine Festival (August 7 in Napa)

Go beyond Maniszewitz to learn about Jewish winemakers and sample a variety of traditional Jewish dishes from the Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi communities. There will also be classes in which you will be taught how to weave challah, sauerkraut, or better photograph food.

Gravenstein Apple Fair via website

Gravenstein Apple Fair (August 13 in Sevastopol)

The Gravenstein apple is a valuable and endangered resource in Northern California. extinctionbut don’t let that stop you from drinking plenty of apple cider and eating as much as you can this August at the return of this fair that supports independent farmers in Sonoma.

Assyrian food festival (August 20-21 in San Jose)

Taste a wide selection of Assyrian dishes now more closely associated with the lands now referred to as this ancient Middle Eastern civilization such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. And visit the website to see the very first cookbook recorded in historywritten in what was the city of Babylon.

Bizerkeley Food Festival 2022 (September 4 at Berkeley)

Held in support Berkeley Animal Care Friends, the Bizerkeley Food Festival sells and tastes vegan food (including $5 plates), solid kombucha and wine. Sellers are currently under wraps but are expected to include Filipino vegan options, soul food, dollies and desserts.

Armenian gastronomic festival (September 17-18 in San Francisco)

Finish your summer food itinerary with OG as the 65th (!) Armenian Cuisine Festival returns to the Culture Hall of the Armenian Center on the Way of Brotherhood. We’re glad to see that one of the traditions that makes San Francisco so special still exists.

For more food ideas, see Tamara’s website. california food.

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