While it is not clear at this point how profitable the food industry’s efforts to expand its presence in the metaverse will be, what we do know is that those who are bound to deal with all these food web initiatives in the near future3 are the trademark attorneys.

All you have to do is do a casual search in the USPTO. trademark database or check Trademarks Twitter (there’s a Twitter for everything) to see food brands rush to file web3-related trademarks to ensure their place in the metaverse is reserved just in case they’re ready to travel.

Coverage of these claims in the crypto press is often formulaic, usually with tweets from one of the pair from trademark attorneys make a name for themselves on crypto twitter talking about various trademark applications. Whether Snickers or Chuck E. Cheese or Panda Express or you name it, stories usually tell us that these brands install to login or headed for or already entered metaverse.

And the reality is that many, if not most, food brands aren’t going anywhere right away, but are likely to hedge their bets by trademarking to make sure they’re betting their brand in the metaverse and have some form of . trademark protection, whatever their plans.

And these hedgings often take the form of an exhaustive list of the various ways a company can use NFTs. Let’s take, for example, Paner Feedwhich not only alludes to Panera’s virtual world called Paneraverse or presence in a third-party virtual world of the same name, but also details every way a restaurant can reach its consumers via NFT: virtual goods, tokens. for real food, NFT as the basis for loyalty programs and incentive programs for discounts on Panera food, virtual food, virtual drinks, etc. etc. This is similar to how the Panera legal team took the web3 word list, placed it in a blender with food. terms and listed the first 200 phrases in their trademark application.

But not all brands simply file lengthy trademark applications. Some, like Wendy, are already expanding their presence in the metaverse. April 2, they opened their virtual restaurant in Horizon Worlds, a virtual place called Wendysverse that features a restaurant, town square, and more. Last week they announced Sunrise City, which, believe it or not, is a breakfast-focused Wendysverse expansion that features bacon bridge and flying cookie gameplay. Those who enter Sunrise City can receive a free breakfast sandwich with purchase.

Regardless of where the effort is made, food-related brands of all types seem to be leaving their place in the metaverse until they decide what they want to do, including big beer companies like Miller as well as Budweiserconsumer goods brands such as Mars as well as craftand even home appliance manufacturers such as Instant Brands.

How serious many of them are remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: the applications – and the hype around them – will continue for some time.

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