During the summer, five new businesses and restaurants came or will come to Chapel Hill.

Here’s what you need to know about each new location:

base camp

Base Camp opened May 27 at 105 E. Franklin Street, next to the Sup Dogs store. The restaurant has a large selection of cocktails and a changing menu of dishes from around the world.

Basecamp stays open until 2am to satisfy nighttime cravings Thursday through Saturday. The restaurant is also open from 9:00 to 16:00 for Sunday brunch.

Basecamp owner Ramesh Dahal said he wants to bring the whole family to Basecamp, even those who are too young to drink.

“It’s not just a bar, it’s a place where (people) can celebrate, meet and have fun,” he said.

Still life

The 18+ nightclub Still Life will be inaugurated on the rooftop above Sutton’s Pharmacy at 159 E. Franklin St. on July 8. The grand opening of the entire room will take place on the weekend of August. 19.

Still Life General Manager Cameron Renna said that Still Life is an entertainment complex with four halls: a full nightclub with bottle service, a small cocktail bar that seats 60 to 70 people, a rooftop bar with an opening and closing roof, and a rooftop bar. . 25 and above bar.

Still Life also has another location in Greenville, North Carolina, where it is a popular nightlife destination for East Carolina University students.

“We are definitely prominent in the Greenville community and that is something we are excited to bring to Chapel Hill as well,” Renna said.


Prologue Used and Rare Books, a subsidiary of Epilogue Books Chocolate Brews, is due to open next door at 109 E. Franklin Street by the end of July. Owner Jaime Sanchez said the exact opening date for the Prologue would be announced by the end of June.

Sanchez owns and operates Epilogue with his wife Miranda. He said he decided to open the Prologue to add more space for visitors and house collections of used and rare books.

Prologue will also have a community meeting space and provide more square footage for events. Sanchez said the opening of the Prologue culminates in a promise to provide space for the entire community.

“We definitely don’t want to rush this time around,” he said. “The epilogue opened up and we saw people react to it, so we just stayed open and didn’t make a big opening. This time we want to get it right.”


Bombolo, owned by siblings Garrett Fleming and Eleanor Lacey, will be a Mediterranean-Italian restaurant that will open at 104 N. Graham St., next to Al’s Burger Shack.

“We’ll do everything from start to finish,” Lacy said. “It will be the food we love to eat, lots of fresh pasta, stuffed pasta. We will salt the prosciutto and salami and then use a lot of fresh local vegetables and seafood to cook whatever we want.”

She added that the restaurant will have a cozy atmosphere and will not be overly expensive or formal.

For now, Lacey said the opening date is not clear, but she hopes it will happen sometime in August.

Cane Raising

Raising Canes is a Louisiana-based fast food restaurant chain that specializes in chicken, Texas toast, coleslaw, french fries, and the famous Canes sauce.

Raising Canes will open at 101 E. Franklin St. next to Starbucks. This location has been home to Spanky’s for over 40 years. From 2018 to 2022, another fried chicken restaurant, Lula’s, was located here.

Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership chief executive Matt Gladdeck said the restaurant is working on getting a permit and will hopefully open closer to August, but no exact date has been set yet.

The Raising Canes have only two other offices in the state, both in eastern North Carolina in Jacksonville and Greenville.

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