The selected startups cover a range of innovative areas, including sustainable agriculture and sustainable aquaculture.

EIT Food is supported by an EU body, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

EIT Food reported that more than 500 start-ups from the EU and its associated countries were evaluated online by experts from the agri-food industry. In April, the top 120 firms advanced to the second round of evaluation, where shortlisted startups were invited to present their solution to the evaluation panel during a technology deep learning session, which resulted in the selection of the 61 most promising companies.

“These startups have gone through a rigorous and comprehensive vetting process to assess their innovative potential, commercial viability and positive impact on our food system.”Marie Roussier, Operations Manager at EIT FAN, said.

She added that about 25% of applications came from female founders.. “It’s good to see that percentage is increasing every year.”

Focus on the feed industry

As an innovator in the feed industry, MicroHarvest, based in Germany, is a biotechnology that uses bacteria to produce protein. The company claims to do this much faster than current approaches. Single cell protein (SCP) and its derivatives can be used throughout the protein value chain, from animal feed to direct use in food and pet food.

The Norwegian company GreenTech Innovators has developed a method for pre-treatment of food waste using biotechnology to improve the use of carbohydrates and produce a nutrient medium for single-cell protein fermentation and algae for use as feed in aquaculture.

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