EDMONDS – Edmonds Chef Brian Madayag will compete – and represent the Pacific Northwest – on Food Network’s new Beachside Brawl competition show this weekend.

“Beachside Brawl” premieres Sunday at 10:00 pm on the Food Network. you also can catch replays over the next few weeks.

The show is a competition that compares West Coast cuisine to East Coast cuisine. According to a press release from the Food Network, chefs from the Pacific and Atlantic regions compete to see “which coast has the best summer food.”

Madayag, who owns Barkada in Edmonds, showcased his culinary skills and Pacific roots at the show.

Host Antonia Lofaso challenged two teams of four chefs from each coast to create boardwalk menus that best represent their side of the country. The menu was supposed to be something fried, on a stick, in a bun, cheesy and sweet. Then these dishes were served to beach lovers.

Chefs Tiffany Faison (East Coast) and Brooke Williamson (West Coast) led and mentored each team throughout the competition. After each round, one member of the losing team was eliminated.

“You had to keep all your weapons at the ready and be able to think on the fly,” Madayag said. “It was very difficult to use all of my skills at the same time.”

The show was filmed at the Redondo Pier in southern California in mid-March.

“They made us dress in summer clothes, but it was 60-something degrees,” Madayag said, laughing. “The producers said, ‘Don’t shake in front of the camera.’

Madayag opened Barkada in 2018 to showcase his family’s Filipino and Hawaiian roots and bring more variety to Snohomish County food. Filipinx American Restaurant was Edmonds’s “come home” after years of working in Seattle eateries. (Started his culinary career at Tom Douglas restaurants).

Chef Brian Madayag, who will take part in the Beachside Brawl.  The Food Network series starts on Sunday.  (Food Network) 20220617

Chef Brian Madayag, who will take part in the Beachside Brawl. The Food Network series starts on Sunday. (Food Network) 20220617

Barkada’s menu is “inspired by those family-run stores you go to in Hawaii and buy mixed meals,” Madayag said, referring to the standard, Hawaiian favorite, which often includes pasta salad, rice, and main courses like Kalua pig. , chicken adobo or garlic shrimp. Musubi and lumpia are also on the Barkada menu.

“I represented not only the Pacific Northwest, but the Pacific,” Madayag said of the Food Network show.

The Food Network team contacted Madayag via Barkada’s Instagram profile about being in “Beach Fight”. He went through “several” Zoom interviews and was under scrutiny from a network scout who secretly visited Barkada.

Of the 100 chefs on the West Coast, Madayag was one of four who made the list. He found out about it two weeks before the show started filming.

“I was just in shock that we got the call,” he said.

He said he didn’t sleep for three days before filming. When he arrived at the set, he saw cameras everywhere, huge tents and net crews.

“I was so nervous,” Madayag said. “Trying to stay relaxed and get out of your head, that was the hardest part.”

After the first call, the nerves calmed down a bit.

Although this was Madayag’s first competitive show, in 2019 he was featured on the PBS program No Passports Required. Host Markus Samuelsson visited the Filipino community in the Seattle area for the first episode of the second season.

“We should take him squid fishing at Edmonds Pier,” Madayag said.

At the Beachside Brawl, Madayag competed against chefs who had already appeared on the Food Network show, including Seattle-based chef Kalina Bliss. Earlier this year, Bliss won the Chopped: Casino Royale culinary tournament.

Will Madayag be on the Food Network show again?

“I think I would say yes if I did another one,” Madayag said. In fact, he’s already received several calls about potential shows since Beachside Brawl.

As for the winner – and which coast came out on top – Madayag said you’ll have to tune in this weekend.

“Just by being on the show, I feel like we’ve already won,” Madayag said. “They liked us more than all those other chefs they interviewed on the West Coast, and I had to tell my story about my origins. Even before the start of the competition, I felt like a winner.”

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