When Teresa Kotterman got a call from Fox.American dream home”, she was delighted to know that her participation in the TV show would become a family affair. As a specialist in horses and suburban real estate for Caldwell Banker Rogersthe show’s producers approached her for their episode of “Country Gone,” an episode in which she would help her daughter’s family find their dream home in the Bluegrass State.

Daughter’s “dream house” demands

“On the show, they (mentioned) Brielle (Kotterman-Meredith) as picky,” Kotterman told The Courier Journal with a laugh. “I would… say (my daughter is not) picky – she’s special.”

Kotterman explains that it took two years to find the perfect home for her daughter, as well as her husband, three children, dogs, horses and chickens.

“We were (previously) on a farm,” Kotterman-Meredith said, “but it just so happened that they started selling off all the land around us. So, where (once) there were no houses around us, there were four houses (so close) that they seemed to be right above us.

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The family decided to look for a place with a larger area, so as not to be in the same situation again.

“We (also) wanted something with a pool, a pond, and a barn,” Kotterman-Meredith said. “And, of course, there had to be enough space in the house. I like this house because… it’s like an English country house. It has this atmosphere. My taste is more modern, but (this house) has character and personality. It is not like any other house you see.

Fascinating finds

The house, like the 88 acres on which it is located, is certainly unique. The huge piece of land also houses a historic log cabin from the early 1800s, as well as a historic graveyard – something the family discovered after they moved in.

“(My husband and former NFL linebacker) Chad (Meredith) was doing research,” Kotterman-Meredith explained. “He was cleaning the driveway (and found her).”

Neighbors gave them the name of a surveyor who was able to tell the family some history about the cemetery.

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“The person who inspected this property told us (the people who are buried there) originally inhabited this part of the county,” she said. “We saw about nine tombstones. This is very cool.”

Horse decorations

Inside, Kotterman-Meredith has incorporated several contemporary elements that reflect her personal style as well as her love of horses. Several works by a figurative artist from Kentucky. Jeanine Barnhart strewn all over the place, including on the mantelpiece in the master bedroom.

“When I’m doing my job, (that part) is usually behind me,” she said. “When I work with clients from all over the world, they say, ‘This is amazing.’

Barnhart is known for his cover image on the official Kentucky Derby program, as well as several Kentucky Derby posters. She is the artist most seen in the house, but there is also a photograph of a horse taken by Bob Tabor it matters to Kotterman-Meredith.

“This item is something special,” she said of a framed photo near the master bedroom closet. “(It) was for (a) shooting Ralph Lauren. He just did it before the model was in the photo.”

Little hints of her love for horses can be seen below. The sofa and ottomans are accented with straps made of Freedman Harness Saddlery Inc.. at Midway, and a lamp with a small horse-shaped base sits on a table between two leather chairs.

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There are also a few other pieces that Kotterman-Meredith especially loves, as she says they better reflect her contemporary style.

“The large triangular mirrors in the hallway and living room came from Savoy (Hotel) in London,” she said, “as well as the massive lamp. They had an auction when they closed, so these things are from (then).”

She plans to update some aspects of the interior, including installing new kitchen countertops, but one thing Kotterman-Meredith says doesn’t really need further changes – which is also her favorite aspect of their new home – is the ground. .

“I love the work I do and I help people from all over the world,” she said, “(but when I’m) constantly doing marketing, advertising and PR, it’s very nice to have a very private place.” to recharge.”

This house was featured on the June 15 episode of Fox “American dream home.” Know a house that would make a great house of the week? Email writer Lenny Omalza at [email protected] or lifestyle editor Katherine Gregory at [email protected]

nuts and bolts

OwnersStory by: Brielle Cotterman-Meredith and Chad Meredith, who own the marketing and PR firm Brielle Cotterman Media. Also in the house are their children, Whitley Walls, 14; Boston Meredith, 10; Bennett Meredith, 22 months; their dogs Tanner, Rose and Stella Iris; pony Popcorn Shrimp; chickens; and four American riding brood mares.

House: Built in 2000, this is a 5,500 square foot English-style country house with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in Shelbyville, covering 88 acres of land.

Distinctive elements: Swimming pool; barn; 88 acres; pond; historic log cabin; historical cemetery; stream; open plan; mud bath with slate floor; solid wood floors; high ceilings, terracotta tiles in the solarium and basement; large open terraces and living spaces; artwork of horses and figurative artists from Kentucky Jeanine Barnhart; Photo Bob Tabor; accent pieces from Savoy (Hotel) In London.

Applause! Applause! Teresa Cotterman, Caldwell Banker Larry Rogers suburban real estate specialist; Galrain farms; and Kentucky artist Jeanine Barnhart.

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