In our world, there are many types of diseases or illnesses. They can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or spiritual. In any case, everyone struggles and falls ill in one way or another at different times in their lives. It is a matter of degree, frequency and type. Mental health awareness isn’t just about more serious illnesses like Alzheimer’s, strokes, car accidents, overdoses or suicides – we’re all imbalanced in our lives. We can then project this onto others by hurting them with our words, thoughts, and actions.

Some of them are small acts of violence and some are more extreme acts of violence.

It’s all of us – job loss, divorce, bullying at school. The list goes on.

There are degrees of mental imbalance or illness, and we are all very fragile. The brain is a very complex and sensitive instrument and it can break down at any time for any reason, especially in a society that is cruel, stressed, greedy and expects a lot from you. We need to debunk the idea that a madman is somewhere around, and we are completely sane. Everyone has pockets of every disorder; the question is how big the pocket becomes and whether it takes our days, depriving us of the ability to function. This can be measured by the degree to which our daily lives are interrupted.

I am a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. As a physician, I treat patients in various forms based on neurology and neuropsychology. I also collaborate with other doctors and scientists to formulate a plan of action for each person I work with to help them recover and heal. To have a healthy mind and a healthy body on a healthy planet, the solutions are truly multifaceted. This is a free extra stay on this beautiful planet Earth. In a way, I can protect another person’s mind, give them structure, and deal with their past traumas so that their present and future are better, healthier, and more peaceful.

It is also their job to have a healthy body. They need to eat the right food and exercise to be healthy, especially in terms of the environment. In our environment and politics, we have one family of four living on less than $25,000 for a family of four. Increasing poverty, suicide and divorce.

We’re having a real existential crisis, so it’s going to take all of us! This is all over the world, and not just in the USA – this is France, Japan and any other country.

We are definitely a planet like Titanicand icebergs everywhere in the sea. It is very difficult not to collide with any of the icebergs and not end up on the bottom of the ocean. If we don’t want to end up at the bottom of the ocean, we need to wake up and not deny.

This entails coming to terms with who we are as individuals and what role we play in the world.

First, we must acknowledge that we all have problems. Nobody is perfect. And then we need to unite. Together, perhaps we can make it through this dangerous water and reach safe harbor. There are no guarantees in life; it’s unpredictable. That’s why it’s so important to be in the present.

All we really have is this moment in time. We don’t know what will happen to our friends, our family, the next time we get sick or what will happen in just 30 seconds. Our “destination” is a part of life, and it is important, but the journey is just as important. We are all unique specimens and a unique prototype; it’s not the same journey for everyone. Every human being is his own distinctive and beautiful human prototype, and every journey or destination is not the same journey. We can complement each other; if we were all the same, life would be boring. What makes our life wonderful is that we are all different, each one brings something rare and special to this life we ​​share. That is why we should all help each other. We are all leaders and saviors for each other. We are all doctor and patient for each other, so to speak, and this is what we need to realize. We need to work together and stop blaming each other.

We all breathe the same air and absorb the same particles that I do. The notion of me, myself, and me is an unhealthy place. This view is selfish and is different from taking care of yourself, which is not selfish.

To have a healthy and balanced life, we must first love ourselves. We are not an island; we are all interconnected. We’ll get there together.

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