This Sunday, Aspen is invited to take part in the June Celebration to Honor Men and Women of Color during the closing of the Food & Wine Classic Weekend.

Aspen Meadows Resort will celebrate at the Walter Isaacson Center, Plato Restaurant and Deck, and the Madeleine Albright Center. The McBride Sisters Wine Company, Chef Kwame Onwuachi and Food & Wine have teamed up with the resort to host the only June event to be held in Aspen this year.

“We thought this would be a great opportunity for us to showcase what Salamander brings to Aspen Meadows,” said John Spears, executive vice president of operations at Salamander Resorts & Hotels, the company that was recently appointed to manage Aspen Meadows. “It will be a good mix of locals, people coming for food and wine and some great talent. It will be a fun and energetic way to spend Sunday night.”

The event will include a menu designed by Onwuachi, wine from the McBride sisters and live music. Onwuachee and Sheila Johnson, founder of Salamander, will attend the event and have a few words about Juneteenth and the programs Salamander hopes to bring to Aspen Meadows in the future.

Since its founding in 2005, Johnson has expanded Salamander to include seven resort properties between Virginia and the Caribbean – Aspen Meadows – its first location in Colorado. She also co-founded Black Entertainment Television, a network targeted at African-American audiences, in 1980 and is recognized as the first African-American woman to have a net worth of at least $1 billion, according to an Aspen press release. Meadows.

Spears said hosting Aspen’s only event on June 10 – a federal holiday commemorating the liberation of enslaved African Americans – says something about Salamander’s character.

“Sheila Johnson, a black female entrepreneur, feels a great responsibility to encourage diversity and inclusion,” Spears said. “This is our first opportunity to really highlight that.”

Onwuachi was the recipient of the 2019 James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef of the Year Award and is the author of the 2019 Notes of a Young Black Chef and this year’s follow-up cookbook, My America: Young Man’s Recipes. Black cook.

The McBride Sisters Wine Company is recognized as the nation’s largest black-owned wine company and was founded in 2005 by half-sisters Robin and Andrea McBride. The company also runs the McBride Sisters’ “SHE CAN Foundation,” which has given thousands of dollars in scholarships to empower women to strive for change and create opportunities for themselves and others that haven’t existed before, according to their website.

The June celebration will prevent a larger event that Salamander participates in every year called “Family Reunion”. The multi-day event takes place in August in Middleburg, Virginia and celebrates diversity in the hospitality industry. Onwuachi and Food & Wine will also take part in the reunion. Additional information can be found at

The celebration on June 16 will take place from 13:30 to 16:00 on Sunday. Tickets are $95 per person and more information can be found at

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